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Zezelj bridge

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Zezelj bridge


Novi Sad (Serbia)


Street lighting

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Zezelj's bridge is undoubted one of the most beautiful bridges in Serbia. The bridge was originally built in 1961. as a railway-road arch bridge, 474 m long and 32 meters wide. It connected Novi Sad and Petrovaradin and was part of the Belgrade-Budapest international railway. During the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. it was directly hit several times, which led to the collapse of the bridge. In the same year, Novi Sad was left without all three bridges on the Danube.


The new Zezelj Bridge, or as it is also called “Phoenix on the Danube”, began construction in 2012. in the same place as the former one. The project was completed in 2018. , when the bridge was opened for railway traffic.

Visually it is very similar to the previous bridge. It consists of two steel arches, one 219 meters long and 42 meters high, and the other 177 meters long and 34 meters high.

The great advantage of LED lighting in the lighting of bridges is that it emphasizes the visual aspect of bridges, which often stand as a symbol of the city or place in which they are located. In addition to the decorative function, the functionality and quality of the lighting itself are extremely important, as they prevent light pollution on the bridge and under it. Design solutions of this kind require a holistic approach for all aspects of construction to be met.


When creating the design solution, we took into account several different aspects, including selecting an adequate luminaire, its optical characteristics, dimensions of the poles etc. The type and characteristics of the light source were determined with the calculation in accordance with the project requirements. The ideal solution for this project was the MISTRAL 4 luminaire.

The luminaires are mounted at the pole at the height of 11.5m and a distance of 38m.

Since it is also a railway bridge, the pillars are placed in suitable places, between the road and the rail strips, on special elements adapted to the metal construction of the bridge.

The project took into account the impact of the power line for the power supply of locomotives, strength 25kV, which is located in the vicinity. Long-life LED light sources (> 100000h) have solved the maintenance issues.

In order for the MISTRAL 4 luminaires to fit the project without compromising its visual characteristics, they were delivered in white colour together with the pillars. It is important to point out that the projected street lighting does not disturb the decorative lighting of the bridge itself.

Road lighting is in accordance with class ME1 of the European standard EN13201 (Lsr=2.0cd/m2, Uo=0.4, Ul=0.7, Ti=10%, SR=0.5).

Advantages of using MISTRAL street luminaire

MISTRAL is high-efficiency LED street luminaire suitable for extreme weather conditions.

Modularity, with a wide selection of light distributions, enables an optimal lighting solution for different types of roads, using luminaires from the same family.

The open housing design concept, with applied advanced surface protection technologies, ensures reliability and longevity in adverse weather conditions, including high humidity and large temperature oscillations. Its key features are easy utilization and onsite maintenance.

MISTRAL luminaires are part of BUCK’s lighting offer for smart cities.

Realized advantages on the project

The realization of this project provided savings in electricity of 30,000kWh per year. In addition to energy efficiency, the advantage of this modern solution lies in significantly lower maintenance costs, due to considerable lifespan of LED lighting which is up to 5 times longer than that of conventional lighting. The illumination of Zezelj Bridge, as such, contributed significantly to the safe and comfortable crossing over the Danube river while the bridge itself has become recognized landmark of the night city panorama and entire region.

Benefits for the investor

Long service life and minimized maintenance costs.

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