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GENERAL Energy efficient LED luminaire for street lighting for extreme ambient conditions.

OPTICS PMMA lenses of high light transmission (96%) and a tempered, 4mm thick, glass protector. Precise light control enables glare free illumination. Vast range of different power and different lenses cater for wide application in all types of outdoor illumination.

LIGHTING MANAGEMENT The choice of appropriate control gear enables integration into different lighting management systems, but can also be supplied as standalone pre-programmed unit.

HOUSING The housing of the luminaire is made of die cast aluminium. Housing is modular, with exchangeable modules consisting of LED PCB integrated into a self-cleaning aluminum heatsink. By increasing the number of LED modules, the power of the luminaire increases as well. Finish: conversion coating, providing better top coating of fine structured epoxy polyester powder coating adhesion and superior corrosion resistance.

APPLICATION Mounting directly on arm Ø42- 60 mm with possibility to adjust the angle of ±10° in 5° increments, or pole Ø76mm.

FEATURES Aluminum heatsink with vertical ribs promotes an air flow that cools the LEDs and allows smooth operation of lamps at extreme ambient temperatures over 60°C. Tilted surfaces and open ribs prevent deposition of any dirt on heatsink. Each LED source has its own heatsink which makes exchangeable module. Considering long life of all components there is no need for maintenance during lifetime of luminaire, leading to additional savings. Inspection door serves as control gear holder, with possibility to quickly replace it, for an upgrade to a new generation.

Technical data

Street lighting
Gray finestructured paint
Black finestructured paint
Zapaljivost F
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Order code Description A/B/H[mm] WEIGHT [kg] FLUX [lm]* IP Total Power [W] CCT [K] CRI Led Service Life
7038DW0XY MISTRAL 8 DWC /740 1082/350/153 16.50 35074 IP66 279.0 4000 >70 100000h L80B10 / SDCM3
7038FN0XY MISTRAL 8 FN /740 1082/350/153 16.50 35074 IP66 279.0 4000 >70 100000h L80B10 / SDCM3
7038ME0XY MISTRAL 8 ME /740 1082/350/153 16.50 35074 IP66 279.0 4000 >70 100000h L80B10 / SDCM3
7038T20XY MISTRAL 8 T2 /740 1082/350/153 16.50 35074 IP66 279.0 4000 >70 100000h L80B10 / SDCM3
* Luminaire luminous flux and connected electrical load - initial tolerance of ±10 % (at ambient temperature of 25° C).

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