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GENERAL Suspended linear luminaire for direct illumination, appropriate for general spaces.

OPTICS Opal U shaped diffuser which provides a uniform diffused light and an equally illuminated surface without visible light sources.

LIGHTING MANAGEMENT The choice of appropriate control gear enables management with analog dimming 1-10V, while DALI enables connection and management in central management system. Also available in autonomous operation mode.

HOUSING Luminaire of extruded aluminium. Finish: anodisation in natural aluminium colour or with epoxy polyester powder coating. Fine structured texture. Other colours available upon request.

FEATURES Possibility to form a long linear shape adjusted to the space, in order to gain optimal light uniformity and aesthetic consistency of the interior. 

EQUIPMENT Supplied with mounting kit.

ADDITIONAL Other light colour temperatures available upon request.

Technical data

suspended direct lighting
finish:white finestructured paint
finish: gray finestructured paint
finish: black finestructured paint
CE marking
mounting on normally flammable surfaces
electrical safety
ingress protection
lamp type
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Order code Description A/B/H[mm] WEIGHT [kg] FLUX [lm]* IP UGR Total Power [W] CCT [K] CRI Led Service Life
2839161XY SLIM LINE TLS 3D /S 900 /840 HE 846/46/90 1.80 1060 IP42 <25 9.0 4000 >80 60000h L80B10 /SDCM 3
2839181XY SLIM LINE TLS 3D /S 900 /840 HO 846/46/90 1.80 2043 IP42 19.0 4000 >80 60000h L80B10 /SDCM 3
2839221XY SLIM LINE TLS 3D /S 1200 /840 HE 1126/46/90 2.20 1414 IP42 <25 12.0 4000 >80 60000h L80B10 /SDCM 3
2839241XY SLIM LINE TLS 3D /S 1200 /840 HO 1126/46/90 2.20 2723 IP42 25.0 4000 >80 60000h L80B10 /SDCM 3
2839261XY SLIM LINE TLS 3D /S 1500 /840 HE 1406/46/90 2.90 1767 IP42 <25 15.0 4000 >80 60000h L80B10 /SDCM 3
2839281XY SLIM LINE TLS 3D /S 1500 /840 HO 1406/46/90 2.90 3404 IP42 31.0 4000 >80 60000h L80B10 /SDCM 3
* Luminaire luminous flux and connected electrical load - initial tolerance of ±10 % (at ambient temperature of 25° C).
** Replace XY with the color code when ordering ( e.g. 11 white, 21 grey, 31 black).

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