When designing the luminaries and lighting systems, our R&D and Production strive to the maximum when it comes to orientation towards original design, full visual comfort, efficiency in energy consumption, light emission, maintenance, ease of installation and maintenance, compatibility with new, yet to come technologies, modular approach where applicable. This is why, when it comes to lighting, you are in good hands.

  • 01

    19,000 m2 multidisciplinary clinical center with capacity >160.000 visitors per year. Featuring five operation units in 1.700 square meters, equipped with CLEAN ROOM.

    Medical lighting

    Grand medica, Novokuzneck

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  • 02

    Lighting is sometimes applied as a tool for obtaining proper operation of the space, and other times as an element of the interior. In either way, it considers the effect, ergonomics, design and overall atmosphere of the whole space. IND Architects implemented all this when designing their own office in MOSCOW.

    General lighting

    IND office, Moscow, Russia

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  • 03

    One system with various modalities of mounting and various optics, provide consistent illumination within a single space. Such is the case in bakery Borea, where it was possible to integrate the surface mounted luminaires between ceiling windows, obtaining natural light effect, with recessed and suspended luminaires.

    System solutions

    Borea, Grimaud, France

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  • 04

    Panasonic factory for lighting components was the first one to install TANGRAM HB in their warehouse and production facilities. The product was initially developed in cooperation with Vossloh Schwabe group, using their components, later to evolve in the family TANGRAM HB.

    Industrial lighting

    Panasonic, Svilajnac, Serbia

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  • 05

    Outdoor swimming pool in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Replacement of old floodlights with new ones, on existing structure. Sports lighting must consider various sports, training or TV transmission, water reflection, impact resistance… Well thought approach for optimal results.

    Sports lighting

    Water polo - Herceg Novi

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  • 06

    The capital investment of new railway station in Belgrade features public lighting system METRO. Modularity, little maintenance and longevity are key qualities when choosing appropriate lighting equipment for spaces open 24/7 with high frequency of passengers.

    Public lighting

    Prokop, Belgrade, Serbia

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