Tunnel lighting

While driving through tunnel, lighting is all about your priceless safety.
VISION SYSTEM is an innovative, smart, all-inclusive tunnel lighting system designed to improve traffic safety and comfort standards through its high quality and energy efficiency. The high-level modularity design is realised via various optics, power and controllability options, which broadens its field of application to different tunnel types.

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Ingress Protection

Sealed luminaire is protected against ingress of dust and moisture, as well as solution jets of tunnel washing machines to provide complete reliable usage.


Optimized for quick mounting and maintenance in the field, saves time and mounting costs.


Energy-efficient LED modules combined with optics to provide the maximum lighting level and uniformity fulfilling strong standard requirements for tunnel lighting.


Corrosion-proof, impact-resistant, and optimal thermal management assured long-lasting function

Verified technology

All components are chosen of the latest technology by renowned producers, previously tested in a factory laboratory and approved by the technical staff.

Optical accessories

Wide variety of optical modules with different characteristics to provide optimal lighting design in different types of tunnels


Easy to mount and enable thanks to smart lighting solution and integration with lighting management system.

Traffic safety

Key function is to increase traffic safety, which is achieved with this complete top quality lighting solution.


BUCK is proud of successfully realizing tunnel lighting projects and wants to boast about its VISION SYSTEM products.



According to IEC /EN 60529 standard, luminaire achieved class of ingress protection against solid particles and liquid.


Housing material

Main body is made of stainless steel EN 1 4571 (AISI 316 Ti) with highest resistance to corrosion and chemicals. Heatsink body is made of extruded aluminum alloy treated with conversion protection and physically separated from stainless steel housing to avoid galvanic corrosion.



Modular and sleek design of VISION SYSTEM luminaires provide flexible configuration in tunnels according to lighting requirements and safety standards.



A wide range of PMMA lenses to provide optimal solution for different tunnel zones and lighting requirements.



Housing is made of 1.4571 / AISI 316Ti stainless steel (electrochemically polished and passivated for maximum corrosion resistance).

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Smart LED lighting solutions for tunnels and subways include fully integrated control systems to monitor and manage various factors such as levels of light outside and inside the tunnel, speed and density of traffic, various tunnel zones, motion, presence, speed detection… Buck provides various solutions for luminaires control such as analogue current loop 4-20 mA interface (CLi), discrete time coded 230 V step dim interface (SDi), digital bidirectional RS-485 interface (RSi).


What is the warranty period for the product?

The warranty on all our products is 5 years.

What is the prescribed service life of the products?

For all tunnel lights, the prescribed service life is 100,000 hours (L90B10).

Do you have aluminium luminaires?

The tunnel luminaires we produce are made exclusively of stainless steel 1.4571 / AISI 316 Ti. Due to the aggressive environmental conditions in the tunnel (sulfur from exhaust gases, moisture), aluminium luminaires are unsuitable due to insufficient corrosion resistance.

Do the luminaires have adjustable supports?

Yes, there is the possibility of adjustable supports. They can be rotated up to 45 degrees in any direction.

Can the luminaires be serviced on-site?

VISION ASF luminaires can be easily serviced and repaired on-site without tools, while other luminaires can be quickly and easily serviced on the workbench.

What type of control do you use?

We offer various control options, both analogue and digital: DALI, 1-10V, RS-485, 4-20mA (CLi), and StepDim interface (SDi).

Do you have a dimming system for tunnel luminaires in case of replacing conventional luminaires with LED luminaires while keeping your existing wiring (3 phase, zero, and ground)?

Yes, when switching from conventional luminaires to LED luminaires, we offer a control system that requires no new installation or additional control cables. The power supply and control are done only with the existing electrical installation.

Do you offer luminaires in other colours?


Can they be powder coated?

Our standard final treatment of the luminaires is passivation and electropolishing. The luminaires can be treated and powder coated at our customers’ special request.

Can the luminaires be mounted on a wall?

The luminaires are primarily designed for ceiling or rack mounting but can also be mounted on the wall.

Do the luminaires belong to Class II?

Luminaires that contain drivers in their housing (VISION ASF, VISION IN) are class I, while lamps that are powered from driver boxes (VISION) are class II (in which case the driver box is in class I).

Are the cables from the luminaire to the driver unit included in your price?

The price of the luminaire includes a 1-meter cable.

Is it possible to install luminaires with IK09?

Yes. Our tunnel light range includes mechanical protection with a minimum of IK08, and higher degrees of protection can also be provided upon project or customer request.

Are the lamps transiently wired?

Luminaires like VISION ASF are transiently wired, while in the case of the VISION type, the driver box that powers them is transiently wired. Luminaires of the VISION IN type are not transiently wired.

Why is the cooler made of aluminium and not stainless steel?

Aluminium enables very good and efficient heat dissipation, which positively affects the lamp’s lifetime. In addition, this is also justified from an economic point of view.

Can you provide us with a lighting design service in tunnels?

Yes, our tunnel sector team uses software tools to provide clients with tunnel lighting design services.

Do you offer control measurement services?

Yes, our team uses an advanced luminance camera and lux meter to provide clients with control measurement services for both luminance (cd/m²) and luminance (lx).


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We had constant and reliable technical cooperation with the BUCK team on the replacement of tunnel lighting, during which we never questioned the quality of the lighting design solution.


We are very satisfied with the pleasant light from BUCK! You have supplied us with a directive-compliant entrance lighting for the underground route St.Andrä, Villach, Austria. Thanks to the direct technical cooperation with the BUCK development department, the on-site assembly was simplified, and set-up times were shortened. Through the ongoing monitoring of the technical lighting measurements, not only were all the required values verified, the tunnel experience was also significantly improved for the users.

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