Industrial lighting

BUCK industrial lighting is the result of decades of experience, functional design and state-of-the-art technology built into each luminaire, making us one of the leading companies among industrial lighting manufacturers. These characteristics of our products make us leaders in the domestic and international markets, making our industrial lighting solutions the best option for your business.

Thanks to digitalization, it is now possible to promote and distribute products regardless of location, leading to the expansion of manufacturing and logistics companies. Different technologies and types of industry require different levels of lighting, safety, cleanliness and all installed equipment must comply accordingly, which includes industrial light applications.

This implies a quick and easy installation of our industrial lights and applications as well as the adaptability of the lighting system to new equipment and the remodelling of the space. The industrial lighting system not only provides good visibility and visual comfort but also increases the safety and efficiency of the workplace, regardless of the time of day or shift.


Why is industrial lighting important?


Our industrial lighting solutions are designed to maximize energy savings while significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs to ensure the utmost safety and productivity of your facility. Our lighting solutions are a great choice to further enhance the safety, productivity and total cost of ownership for our industrial flood lights fixtures.


From general industrial premises to warehouse spaces


Lighting is a very important item in the furnishing of an industrial plant, work or warehouse space while special attention is given to the selection of adequate industrial lighting. Proper lighting is important for a number of reasons, and industrial LED lighting has proven to be the best choice for furnishing office space, outlets, hangars, halls and similar facilities.

Our LED lighting solutions include a large selection of different products, in accordance with the needs of your office space, factory or warehouse space where you will find the right industrial luminaires, warehouse lights and other lighting systems that fit the premises with standard and specific working conditions. Aesthetics are a factor to take into account, but functionality in this branch plays a crucial role – and we offer both.


Industrial lighting products – manufactured to last


The aesthetics and functionality of our industrial lighting products work together in such a way that, apart from delivering high-end lighting solutions to different or specific industrial needs, they are manufactured according to design standards that are widely accepted worldwide.


So why choose us?


BUCK lighting solutions for industry are specifically designed for various industrial purposes in a way they can easily operate in specific environments – this concerns industrial warehouse lighting or any other form of lighting for manufacturing or warehouse space that involves severe fluctuations of temperature and pressure – our lighting system will endure because it is robust and resistant.


Benefits of light applications for industry


A good industrial lighting system provides a healthier work environment, which means reducing the risk of injury and fatigue during working hours while increasing workplace efficiency. For high-bay warehouses, and its narrow and elongated geometry of the space, luminaires with elliptical light distribution are recommended for optimal illumination of communications and visibility of goods on shelves.


In manufacturing plants, depending on the type of industry, the proper level and uniformity of lighting, as well as the limitation of glare, is paramount to ensuring adequate working conditions – which is something you and your company can only benefit from.


Light fixtures for warehouse spaces and factory settings


Thanks to the high level of performance BUCK industrial light fixtures can offer, they are an irreplaceable part of every factory or warehouse unit. Depending on the type of a voluminous space you want to equip, we offer different fixtures – watertight, flexible for different types of mounting, hazardous area fixtures for spaces with potentially dangerous ambience.


For small spaces such as storage areas, we offer  industrial fixtures for small spaces.


LED Flood Lights – a must among industrial light units


Industrial floodlights and systems find application in spaces of different uses, from manufacturing halls, cold chambers, warehouses, distribution centres across spaces with varying degrees of hygiene and operating temperature. Almost every one of them requires energy efficiency and energy savings. This is exactly what we can boast about when it comes to our industrial solutions and applications.


Industrial LED floodlights give out light of higher intensity, therefore by opting for industrial LED Flood Lights you will save energy and avoid paying extra for additional energy consumption.


Floodlights do not require any warm-up or cooling downtime in order to stay in operation. Inside or outside, industrial floodlights are low maintenance and possess a long life span, which is why this is a one-time investment.

Retrofits using industrial light installations

BUCK is well aware of the high cost of energy which is a headache for any industrial manager, and whoever controls and manages energy better – will definitely have a competitive advantage.


Therefore, opting for retrofits using light installations in warehouses, factory settings, or office buildings with energy-efficient lighting can go a long way in saving you substantial amounts of cash with optimal upfront investments.


BUCK industrial lighting – best for your office space, warehouses, production halls and more


BUCK Lighting has been an ally of successful companies around the world for many years. Longevity, efficiency, safety and visual experience are the reasons our clients trust in the excellent industrial solutions we offer. The current range of industrial lighting, which can be provided within the overall system solutions for your space, is reflected in the products of the following series:


Do not hesitate to contact us! Our expert team will eliminate your concerns and recommend the optimal solution for the needs of your space.