Clean Room Lighting

Clean Room family are highest quality light fixtures specially designed for “clean spaces”, certified by Fraunhofer institute for all ISO classes, up to ISO 1.

BUCK Clean Room luminaires are compatible and easily integrated with clean room panels, with a versatility that allows for smooth application to any clean room use – from microchip and pharmaceutical industry to laboratories and operating rooms (OR).

Our Clean Room light fixtures are produced by hand-operated TIG welding, with distinctive multi-layer coating and lasting LED sources, all of which are responsible for their singular durability, with little to no need for maintenance.


Professional Clean Room luminaires come with different optics, always providing high energy efficiency, required protection degree, longevity and comfort.


BUCK Clean Room lighting – absolute comfort and protection

Clean Room LED light fixtures require little to no maintenance, and thanks to the vast choice of different optics, construction and applications, are easily incorporated in every type of clean space, making them a perfect choice for hospitals, operation rooms and laboratories.


The qualities of BUCK’s Clean room family are:

  • High ingress protection IP65;
  • Hand operated TIG welding;
  • Special multi-layer coating;
  • Lasting LED sources.


The Clean Room concept and the importance of Clean Room lighting

The Clean room concept represents a controlled clean environment, with  a low level of pollutants such as chemical vapours, dust or other airborne microbes and particles. Any clean room should have a controlled level of contamination, which is specified by the number of pollutant particles per cubic meter, of specified particle size.


This brings us to clean room use– they are widespread in all industries with a risk of small particles affecting any kind of manufacturing process. 

Clean rooms vary in size and complexity,  and are primarily used in industries such as pharmaceutical, biotech, life sciences, or any kind of manufacturing that includes critical processes.


To understand and acknowledge the importance of Clean Room lighting, first we need to discern the purpose of clean rooms themselves. The purpose of a clean room is to provide the strict working conditions, required by technological and other requirements, meaning maintain low and/ or reduce particulate contamination, and fully control other external parameters such as pressure, temperature and humidity. 


As a consequence, all Clean room equipment, including lighting, must be appropriate for this use, and this is why we have developed a family of Clean room luminaires.


Clean Room lighting requirements – technology that makes a difference

Much like the purpose of clean room technology is to enable and protect the patients, employees or any kind of manufacturing process taking place in a clean room, the purpose of our Clean Room LED lighting fixtures is to provide excellent lighting, in order to ensure the difficult visual tasks to be performed in optimal lighting conditions.


This mainly refers to the hospital clean room and pharmaceutical clean room lighting requirements. However, when it comes to Clean Room applications, it is important to note they are applicable in various industries, not just pharmaceutical and medical institutions.


Industrial Clean Room lighting – created to aid innovation

Given the modern age we live in, it comes as no surprise that the industry requirements are getting more rigid by the day, especially regarding industrial lighting. New technologies and engineering require the use of the most appropriate Clean Room light fixtures, that will ensure more effective and accurate production methods.


As mass-production accelerates every day, quality standards are also being raised. It is now of the utmost importance that lighting, as a crucial element in controlled working conditions, is considered as the segment that improves production quality and reduces errors.


Direct illumination with Clean Room LED light fixtures

Clean Room CLA/CLD light fixtures are a good choice for direct illumination, and therefore ideal for spaces where a higher level of protection degree and excellent performances are a must. 


This type of BUCK Clean Room applications makes a worthwhile choice both for medical institutions and clean production facilities alike, mainly thanks to their optical performance, smooth surface, resistance to cleaning agents, easy maintenance and high hygiene standards.


If you are searching for a reliable Clean Room lighting solution that fits your business standards, send us an inquiry and we will respond as soon as possible.