Ceiling recessed luminaires

Ceiling recessed lighting is a commonly used form of lighting that easily fits into the design of a contemporary setting. Thanks to products that are synonymous with the latest technology and functional design, as well as decades of experience, BUCK lighting is able to support lighting in any type of project.


In addition to optimal brightness and the creation of suitable working conditions, recessed ceiling lighting is a good choice because of its minimalist shape luminaires, easily integrated into various interior design solutions.

What are recessed ceiling luminaires and how can they benefit you?


Recessed ceiling lighting is a unique type of lighting created to adapt seamlessly into the architectural design of the space, without affecting the appearance of the ceiling. 


Recessed ceiling fixtures are both sophisticated and functional, providing even and uniform illumination where necessary, as well as allow for customization of the lighting layout.


Why is recessed ceiling lighting a good solution? 


BUCK recessed LED lighting provides complete visual comfort, given by the latest generation of optical and electrical components. This type of lighting is also characterized by high energy efficiency, which directly optimizes the business of each company.


High-quality office space lighting is important for employees and the work of the company. Recessed luminaires can by their design be an indispensable part of architecture and interior design as decorative / functional elements.


Ceiling recessed LED lighting – a practical solution


Ceiling recessed lighting from BUCK`s portfolio has excellent lighting characteristics, long service life and aesthetic recognizability, and is practical for installation and maintenance.


From the wide range of ceiling recessed luminaires we offer you will certainly find something to suit the needs of the space you are decorating. BUCK recessed lighting is intended for use in monolithic and modular suspended ceilings. 


BUCK ceiling recessed lighting tailored to your space 


The wide range of our LED recessed ceiling light fixtures enable BUCK to adjust the ceiling recessed lighting to the needs of the space. Some recessed ceiling luminaires can be equipped with an EM module for operation in the emergency lighting mode, and with the choice of appropriate pre fittings a light control function is also possible.


In addition to the specified standard light color temperature (4,000K) for most products, you can also look for a light color temperature that is appropriate for the ambient or geographical area in which your project is located.


Satisfied clients and partnership with them are our best recommendation, so if you want to equip your office space with BUCK ceiling recessed lighting, send a direct inquiry. Together we will find the best solution for your office space and put our know-how and experience at your disposal.

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