Medical lighting

Hospital lighting from BUCK production range provides optimal illumination, longevity of installed lighting equipment while complying with hygiene standards. These characteristics are necessary for well illuminated areas intended for medical examinations, interventions and surgeries.

LED medical luminaires by BUCK include the latest optical and electrical components. The medical lighting portfolio includes lighting fixtures characterized by high energy efficiency, making our hospital lighting fixtures a suitable choice for hospitals, surgeries, laboratories, and other medical facilities.

Having in mind that hospitals are in use 24/7, It is indispensable that an appropriate lighting level is a must, particularly in emergency rooms and operational theaters.


Proper installation and use of lighting in hospitals are important as they create better and safer conditions for both staff and patients, making good visibility a priority.


Benefits of hospital lighting technology


Luminaires for hospitals and healthcare facilities usually illuminates two types of spaces: 

  • medical ones, where examinations, treatments, interventions, testing take place, and 
  • general ones:, reception, canteen, waiting rooms, leisure spaces, which have the functional requirements of hotels.


Healthcare and hospital LED lighting ensures multiple benefits, primarily:

  • Improved visual conditions, including visual comfort for patients and staff;
  • Increased energy efficiency;
  • Improved safety;
  • Reduced maintenance costs.


Hospital and medical lighting is also important as it influences mood, wellbeing and work performances, which is why the visual conditions need to follow the latest trends in the lighting industry, while complying to appropriate standards.


The importance of LED healthcare lighting for the recovery process


Appropriate medical lighting is indispensable for high performance of the medical staff and improved patient experience.


This type of lighting should provide a nurturing atmosphere that will help the patients recover more efficiently. It should also enable the staff to enjoy a good working environment, important for their concentration and well-being.


Why is BUCK hospital LED lighting a good solution?


Operating theatres, laboratories, intensive care units and recovery rooms have special requirements regarding lighting , cleanliness of the luminaires and maintenance. It is essential that the surgical light, or any type of medical light for that matter – works flawlessly, and that maintenance, if needed, is quick and easy because the premises are in use 24/7.


Our hospital lighting fixtures meet the strict hygiene standards and are highly resistant to aggressive cleaning agents essential for maintenance. It is also important that the luminaire surface is smooth, enabling easy cleaning, and integration into hospital interior design.


Comfort for patients and employees


Medical luminaires from BUCK’s production mounted above hospital beds provide excellent illumination for medical staff as well as pleasant lighting for patients (human-centric lighting).


An appropriate lighting design in hospitals is very important. It is vital that the provided lighting is within the set parameters, because excessive lighting will obstruct the patients in resting and recovering, while its lack will not enable optimal working conditions to the medical staff, causing fatigue, poor concentration and visual perception.


Longevous choice for hospital lighting


Another important feature of medical luminaires is their longevity, which is essential for hospital LED lighting. Due to the nature of their work environment, involving work in shifts, frequent maintenance would interfere with the use of certain rooms and thus disrupt the operation of hospitals.


Full visual comfort, compliance with hygiene standards and longevity of equipment are extremely important features that characterize our medical LED lighting. Our medical luminaires are also easy to install and maintain.


Clean Room lighting – Top of the class hospital lighting


Clean Room fixtures represent a family of light fixtures used in clean spaces, certified by Fraunhofer institute for all ISO classes, up to ISO Class 1.


Clean Room applications require little to no maintenance, and thanks to the choice of different optics, these luminaires are easily incorporated in every type of clean space, making them a perfect choice for hospitals, operation rooms and laboratories.


There are certain Clean Room lighting requirements that every of Clean Room luminaires must comply with:

  • High ingress protection IP65
  • Resistance to aggressive cleaning agents, preferably with bactericide surface coating
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning (without visible screws)
  • Longevous LED sources


Medical lighting in patient rooms


A well planned and controlled lighting in patient rooms can cater for the needs of both patients and caregivers. Our healthcare lighting range supports patients’ circadian rhythm and healthy sleep , promoting a good quality of lighting as a way for faster recovery.


Additional benefits of our medical LED luminaires


Some hospital light fixtures can be equipped with an emergency module, or integrated in a central power system (CBS) – meaning direct savings on the installation of emergency lighting. If you choose our Medico bed head unit for lighting and distribution of medical gases, the system can be equipped with:


  • separate direct and indirect light components,
  • integrated distribution of medical gases,
  • additional sockets,
  • reading light,
  • nurse button,
  • blinds and speakers control, etc.


We welcome specific requests for our hospital lighting products, to enable the best possible solution for your particular project. If you need top of the class medical LED lighting, send us an inquiry and we will respond as soon as possible.

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