Lighting in hospitals – raising comfort standards – Yauza Clinic, case study

Lighting of hospital spaces should be an optimal combination of working conditions for medical staff, maintenance needs and visual comfort…

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Lighting of the high-bay Hemofarm warehouse in Vrsac

An important factor in every production industry is their logistics. It supports the pace of manufacture, making sure that the…

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Clinical center of Nis – New hospital building in the regional health center for 2M people

Although completed at the end of 2017, the importance of the project Clinical center of Nis has never been more…

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University hospital in Limerick, Ireland- medical lighting in use

University hospital in Limerick is a teaching medical facility where BUCK joined forces with our Irish distributor, Dlight, to provide…

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What is Clean room – introducing clean room concept

Clean room concept refers to the general concept of clean rooms, their definition and application in various industries. BUCK has…

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What is the connection between Pink Floyd and modern lighting?

Any colour you like, song by Pink Floyd, 1973 If you are a music lover, especially a baby boomer, titles…

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Lighting design project: Baby Food Factory in Dobanovci, Serbia- Food production in clean rooms

How a new factory decided on their own to increase the food production standards and how it affected the lighting…

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Extreme engineering in extreme times: COVID 19 Laboratory FIRE EYE

-making the most sophisticated laboratory in the most challenging times- Construction business is not fast nor simple. It is a…

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UV Sterilisation as a Way to Prevent the COVID-19 Pandemic: Basic Information, Advantages and Disadvantages

We are in the era when disinfection and social distance represent the prerequisite to survival. The realistic requirements ahead focus…

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How Lighting Control Saves Energy Consumption and Reduces Costs

Lighting represents 20% of total energy expenses of office buildings and 38% of their electrical energy expenses- this is the…

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Why is staying at home so hard?

Staying indoors can be confusing for our body and one of the reasons can be a lack of exposure to…

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Practical Office Lighting Solutions

Comfortable work environment, productivity of employees and easier execution of business tasks are just some of the advantages of good…

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