Modern optical solutions in lighting and their possibilities

We are witnessing a period of rapid technological change that does not bypass any industry. The demands are becoming more…

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Nikola Tesla and light

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest scientists and inventors of all time. Tesla's life was like a movie, a…

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The importance of quality lighting in schools and educational institutions

September is the first month of autumn, which, in addition to rainy days and colder weather, announces the beginning of…

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LED lighting – A choice for an ecological future

Modern lifestyle has had a great impact on Earth's resources, climate change and the natural environment, therefore in recent years,…

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Types of lighting

Like any great invention, artificial lighting cannot be attributed to the genius and skill of one scientist, it is the…

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Human centric lighting – significance and application of circadian lighting

Light has a great impact on people. Not only does it allow us visual perception, but it can also stimulate…

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A brief history of LED lighting

A Light-Emitting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. The light it emits can…

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Christmas and New Year’s illumination – importance and highlights of 2020

New Year's lighting installations started with decorating Christmas trees, to later begin their own separate lives and even get their…

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What is Clean room – introducing clean room concept

Clean room concept refers to the general concept of clean rooms, their definition and application in various industries. BUCK has…

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What is the connection between Pink Floyd and modern lighting?

Any colour you like, song by Pink Floyd, 1973 If you are a music lover, especially a baby boomer, titles…

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UV Sterilisation as a Way to Prevent the COVID-19 Pandemic: Basic Information, Advantages and Disadvantages

We are in the era when disinfection and social distance represent the prerequisite to survival. The realistic requirements ahead focus…

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How Lighting Control Saves Energy Consumption and Reduces Costs

Lighting represents 20% of total energy expenses of office buildings and 38% of their electrical energy expenses- this is the…

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