The effect of lighting temperature and interior colour on the office space and employees

In every design project, lighting plays an important role because its effects can directly affect the psycho-physical state of employees,…

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Tunnel lighting

Tunnels are considered as one of the most complex and expensive infrastructure facilities. The advantage they provide through fast and…

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Interesting facts about LED lighting

Although conventional lighting is still present in many households, large public institutions from various fields, as well as numerous companies,…

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How light affects sleeping problems

Sleep is an important segment of the normal functioning of the human body. During sleep, the brain processes information from…

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Application of LED lighting in medical institutions

Medical institutions are constantly looking for new ways to improve the experience of their patients and make their stay as…

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Lighting as a symbol of the city

December, although synonymous with the beginning of winter and cold days, is also a month of warmth, festive atmosphere and…

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Modern optical solutions in lighting and their possibilities

We are witnessing a period of rapid technological change that does not bypass any industry. The demands are becoming more…

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Nikola Tesla and light

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest scientists and inventors of all time. Tesla's life was like a movie, a…

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The importance of quality lighting in schools and educational institutions

September is the first month of autumn, which, in addition to rainy days and colder weather, announces the beginning of…

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LED lighting – A choice for an ecological future

Modern lifestyle has had a great impact on Earth's resources, climate change and the natural environment, therefore in recent years,…

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Types of lighting

Like any great invention, artificial lighting cannot be attributed to the genius and skill of one scientist, it is the…

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Human centric lighting – significance and application of circadian lighting

Light has a great impact on people. Not only does it allow us visual perception, but it can also stimulate…

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