Sports lighting - Floodlights

LED floodlights for sports fields, stadiums and halls play an extremely important role for recreational and professional sports. BUCK offers a wide range of LED spotlights that meet all LED sports lighting standards.

LED sports field lighting in our range has the latest generation of optical and electrical components, contributing to their high energy efficiency. Lighting characteristics and longevity of BUCK LED floodlights make them a reliable choice for lighting of different sports projects.

Why are BUCK floodlights a good solution?


LED floodlights in BUCK`s portfolio are designed to meet the standards of all sports, for training or competing in professional or amateur leagues.


By using football stadium lights or basketball court lights, with proper calculations and planning, it is possible to provide lighting that meets even the most demanding criteria imposed by sports organizations such as FIFA, FIBA ​​or UEFA. This criteria is a prerequisite for television broadcasting, and our products can help you achieve it.


LED lighting for every sport arena


Our sports lighting includes products such as stadium lights, LED arena lights, and lighting for sports fields, swimming pools, both in indoor and outdoor sports areas. We have carefully developed and selected the range of products, with appropriate optical components and mounting methods, to meet the general and specific requirements of different sports.


Full visual comfort and dark light effects are imperative of all our products, and are equally important in sports lighting. Adequate LED sports lighting contributes to the safety of athletes and provides good visibility throughout the game for both athletes and the audience. Thanks to their high energy efficiency, BUCK LED floodlights provide significant energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.


Sports lighting – providing and enhancing the sports experience


Whether its LED stadium lights, arena lights, sport court lighting, or any other kind of indoor or outdoor sports lighting – sport lighting in general is an important part of any game. Lighting is a significant component that improves the experience of spectators and players, allowing them to enjoy and deliver a spectacle.


The right kind of stadium floodlights will provide optimal lighting for sports activities, visual comfort, reduce light pollution and ensure safety on the field, enabling players’ best performance after sunset, or on days with minimal sunlight. Low light pollution of sports lighting provides good living conditions to the community living near the sports terrains, and allows the effect of ‘dark sky’.


BUCK field lighting also improves the quality of telecasts, by paying special attention to making colours more realistic.


What are our spotlights for stadiums, sports grounds and halls made of?


BUCK LED sports floodlights for sports grounds are made of the highest quality materials. The floodlight housing is made of a combination of aluminium sheets, die- cast and extruded aluminium, all with improved corrosion resistance to last longer and lower the needs for maintenance .


BUCK LED sport lighting luminaires are durable, weather resistant and long lasting, while efficient at illuminating any kind of sport event, both outdoor or indoor.


BUCK Sports Lighting – A Reliable and Practical Choice


Given the height of sports facilities and the mounting height of the lighting equipment, we have put extra effort into facilitating installation and maintenance and installing premium equipment to obtain optimum performance and longevity of the device.


BUCK LED floodlights come with a range of accessories for different mounting modalities and precise positioning of mounting angle.


Easy way to the desired lighting effect


Easy light control is another benefit of sports floodlights. Choosing the right gear enables 1-10V analog dimming, while DALI protocol can be connected through a central management system. With this equipment, it is possible to set up several light scenarios, depending on the use of the sports field (maintenance, training, matches without and with TV broadcast), all from a central control room.


The versatile selection of optical accessories enables the complete light solution using one type of sport floodlight in a variety of indoor and outdoor sports, on laminate, wood, turf or other types of flooring. With these features it is possible to obtain the desired effect and aesthetic consistency of the entire installation.


Sports floodlights for all weather conditions


BUCK LED sports floodlights feature an open housing approach to design enabling safe operation and long-lasting lighting equipment. Increased resistance to extreme weather conditions (heat, rain, salty atmosphere) makes our LED sports lighting a good choice for any sports field.


BUCK LED lighting is a good, reliable and easy-to-use solution for various outdoor and sports spaces. If you want your sport space to meet the highest standards of LED sports lighting, send us a direct inquiry.

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