Public lighting

Public lighting requires a special approach to lighting due to the high frequency of vehicles and passengers on streets, intersections, airports, metros and train stations. Given that such spaces are fully operational 24/7, in addition to optimal visibility and low energy consumption, durability and minimal maintenance are very important features that public, especially street lighting, require.

All public lighting installations can be integrated into Smart City and solutions alike. This includes presence control, daylight sensors and various other LED public and street lighting systems that facilitate and enhance the flow of people and vehicles.

Public street lighting – environmentally friendly and safe


Public lighting is an indispensable part of every city’s infrastructure. The term refers to illumination of all public spaces such as airports, train stations, public transport stops, squares, facades and streets.


LED street lighting also includes lighting of main and side streets, roads of various sizes, bypasses and highways. This is where luminaires produced by BUCK are a good choice because of their long working life and quality of workmanship, as well as excellent lighting performance.


LED street light uses energy efficient light sources, which have a long life span and low energy consumption. Due to technical characteristics and minimal size of the sources themselves, it is possible to optimize the housing, and economize the consumed materials, with equipment for integration in lighting management systems. For this reason, LED lighting is also called eco-friendly.


Public lighting and its characteristics


Public lighting, including different types of street lights, plays an important role in personal safety at night. In addition to the fact that LED lighting allows pedestrians to move freely in the evening and early morning, it directly contributes to a safer urban and intercity traffic.


We are dedicated to making BUCK street lights luminaires of highest quality, with the latest generation of electronic components and light sources for a longer life span, minimizing maintenance costs.


The aesthetics and design of every LED street light plays an important role too, as it must comply with the local urban architecture, while being durable and with powerful performance. Public street lighting also ensures high energy savings, and optimal amount of illumination for enabling smooth traffic.


BUCK street lights – synonym for good street lighting


Decades of experience in lighting production, focused on balance of functionality and aesthetics with minimal negative environmental impact, has enabled our brand to be successfully positioned as a synonym for high-quality street light luminaires. Innovation, design and good business practices have enabled us to offer the best street lighting solutions with low-energy consumption.


Tunnel lighting – illumination for tunnels and undepasses


Tunnel lighting is considered as a part of street lights. Tunnels normally lack natural light, a reason enough to consider efficient lighting solutions. Quality of tunnel lighting is important for multiple reasons – it is a unique lighting system that needs to support the visual perception of drivers, both day and night.


Tunnels and underpasses need constant lighting, from the entry to the exit point, and lighting installation must comply with safety standards. LED tunnel lighting is continuously exposed to particular working conditions such as , water, salt, dirt, exhaust gases and other corrosive agents. This is why tunnel lighting fixtures need to be durable, in the casing that can withstand all environmental challenges.


LED tunnel lighting promoting safety, reliability and efficiency


An integrated tunnel lighting system can help reduce costs and optimize operations in more ways than one. With BUCK tunnel lighting you can ensure the highest tunnel safety standards, reduce accidents, improve comfort and enhance visual perception of drivers.

Tunnel lighting design considers illuminance level, glare and light uniformity, as they affect people’s safety. Unexpected variations in lighting levels are unacceptable.


Street lighting – benefits for investors, end-users and the environment


It is almost impossible to measure the value that good street lighting products based on LED technology create for the entire community and infrastructure of residential areas, cities and states.


When BUCK lighting designed functional street luminaires of Mistral and Vihor series, we invested additional attention to their lighting characteristics and compliance with the public interest in protecting health, ensuring safety and reducing light pollution.

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