Architectural lighting

Architectural lighting determines the character of the space, providing the necessary functionality and creating a comfortable atmosphere. Our architectural lighting for general spaces has brought good lighting to the premises of many companies.

For which areas is our lighting suitable?

BUCK lighting is suitable for different types of spaces. With our luminaires you can fully equip all the premises of your company. You can send us an inquiry if you need lighting for:


  • Shops and showrooms
  • Offices
  • Educational institutions
  • HORECA facilities
  • Residential projects
  • Gallery and religious objects


You can change the character of the room you want to illuminate by selecting the right lighting, whether those are offices, schools or multifunctional spaces.


BUCK architectural lighting – both functional and decorative 

The quality of the light installation should  always be  top notch, while the effects depend on the purpose of the space and desired aesthetics. The shape of the luminaire can be discreet, so it just provides excellent  lighting, and can also be an element of the interior, having both decorative and lighting functions.


From ”invisible” linear systems, to circular and square shapes that complete the entire interior, our luminaires will find the best place and application in any office space.

Below you can see our approach to lighting the premises of companies from various industries around the world. Our references are there to inspire you to find the right type of architectural lighting for your space and contact us for your new project.

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