Office lighting

Office lighting is very important for a good and productive office atmosphere. BUCK has supplied that type of lighting in many offices and employees around the world now have great lighting with visual comfort in their workplace.


LED office lighting should be flexible and efficient, ensuring glare-free effect in the workplace, providing optimal working conditions in the long run.

Why is it important to choose suitable LED office lighting?

Office LED lighting is a good solution for many reasons. One of the advantages is maximum cost-effectiveness. With a significantly longer lifespan than conventional lighting, LED office lighting contributes to keeping the company’s budget under control.


One of the most important arguments in favor of good office lighting fixtures is the impact on employee productivity. The luminaire’s light affects their alertness and performance, therefore their final results.

Office lighting design – esthetics that matter

Adequate office appearance contributes to the aesthetic impression of the workspace. BUCK office luminaires and lighting systems are a good choice for furnishing company offices, meeting rooms and lobby, providing the optimal working atmosphere for employees and clients.


The esthetics matter too, generating a positive workplace atmosphere, especially in terms of mood and employee efficiency.

The basic requirements of lighting for office space

As most companies have certain standards they need to comply to, so does office lighting. Workplace lighting standards are regulated by standard EN 12424, which should be respected and applied accordingly.


LED office lighting should prevent a striking contrast between the bright screen and a dark room, which is why office lighting solutions must be in accordance with the type of work, visual tasks and the office space itself.

The traits of best office lighting

Office lighting must comply with certain criteria, one of which is to provide the necessary level of illumination, uniformity and with appropriate accent lighting if needed.


Office lighting should also have the right colour temperature and colour rendering.


BUCK modern LED office lighting can serve as a centerpiece in offices, conference rooms and lobbies, while offering appropriate colour rendering and efficiency in performance.

BUCK office lighting solutions – helping great companies work in great spaces


Our company has been working for decades with many successful companies on design and supply of lighting for their office spaces. Our lighting design includes various parameters such as functionality, organization, and, where applicable, lighting in the service of branding the space.


The projects below are just an inspiration for what your space could look like, and if you need lighting for your office space send us an inquiry and we will choose the best office lighting solution for your company.

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