BUCK lighting

Lighting specialist

Architectural, medical, industrial, sport, street and outdoor lighting. A single partner for all lighting needs with 25 year of experience and dedication to lighting business.


Lighting design

Holistic approach to lighting design: function, esthetics and purpose.

Illumination of interiors, streets and facades.

Lighting solutions providing optimal level of illumination, various lighting scenes and lighting management systems. Illumination of all spaces where light is of essential importance to their operation.



Key strength of BUCK’s product range: inhouse production, with traceable sequence of production processes.


Innovations in lighting and industrial design

Human centric lighting: approach to lighting mimicking natural daylight qualities. Of great importance in spaces such as homes for the elderly, recovery rooms in hospitals, office spaces. Available in selected BUCK’s products

Original design and innovations are key features of BUCK’s products, enabling utmost lighting performances, longevity, while easy for mounting and maintenance. Patented optics and different light effects available on most product families, providing a bespoke approach to every illuminated space.


Energy savings in lighting

LED as a preferred light source with optics of different light effects enable the exact amount of light only when and where needed. We make sure our luminaires are compatible with latest LED sources (Zhaga compatible), providing more lighting for less energy. Energy savings can also be used for ESCO model of financing or as additional points for Green building certification.



ISO certified (9001, 14001, 27001, 45001, 50001), Kai Zen 5S implemented, with diverse product certificates, we ensure there is an operative procedure for every process in the company.



Numerous international awards for industrial design, communication design, graphic design, architectural design.