Architectural lighting

BUCK architectural lighting is intended for different types of interiors and exteriors and is especially suitable as office lighting, lighting for retail shops, educational institutions, hotels, shopping malls, galleries etc.

Characteristics of our LED architectural lighting fixtures 


The luminaries from our LED architectural lighting collection are easily integrated in  every space, helping to create a functional and welcoming ambience. Their high quality components and careful, detail – oriented manufacturing process, enable not only esthetic consistency, but also good functionality of the space and notable energy savings. 


BUCK architectural luminaires 


The type of luminaires depends on the purpose of the space, and their shape should be in harmony with the interior. BUCK`s portfolio offers a great choice – from discrete track systems, to circular and square shapes that fit the style of the interior.


In what areas are architectural luminaires a good fit?


The versatile selection of our products enables its wide application. Lighting quality always comes first, but BUCK`s portfolio also meets the aesthetic criteria, in order to comply with the different spaces. General LED lighting is a good choice in following cases:


Office lighting  


Our LED office lighting provides a comfortable work environment, elevated employee productivity, pleasant working conditions and many other benefits from providing high quality office lights.


The type of LED office lighting should be carefully selected according to the types of rooms in the workspace, i.e. their purpose. General office lighting in the work space provides employees with good illumination level and visual comfort, while warm and indirect light is mostly reserved for the rest areas. 


LED lighting for schools and educational institutions


 Next to the recommended lighting level,  LED lighting for various educational institutions must comply with other challenges these spaces have. This type of space usually has high frequency of students and teachers, which is why they must have robust design so they don’t get damaged during playtime or recreational activities. The science laboratories are made with slightly lower standards than the professional ones.


LED classroom lighting can improve concentration of pupils, increase their engagement and increase productivity of students and staff. 


Lighting for stores and showrooms


Appropriate general lighting in retail shops is significant as it is the first point of exposure with visitors. Good store lighting can be used to highlight new products to customers, or a particular brand message. Playing with contrasts and illuminated products, architectural lighting is a good choice of lighting for supermarkets, cosmetics spreads, and any type of retail shops or showrooms.


Reliable choice of lighting that meets all requirements


 Whether you need office lighting or you want to equip other areas with general lighting, BUCK offers different types of luminaires that will meet your demands in terms of quality, functionality and aesthetics.


Take a look at our architectural lighting offer, choose the type of lighting and the product that fits your capacity. Send us an inquiry and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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