System S

Modular lighting system that fits smoothly into all interior designs, enabling illumination with aesthetic consistency throughout the whole building.

Mounting options and a wide choice of optics allow forming different lighting scenes within a single space.

Appropriate for open spaces, offices or corridors.

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Good Design Award 2020.



Minimalistic industrial design suitable for various applications in different interior solutions.


Diverse optics are intended for different spaces and lighting requirements, representing the highest technology in the lighting industry, with very limited glare for full visual comfort.


LED modular lighting systems encompasses Four standard lengths of modules for different optics and blind cover.


Tool free mounting of endless modular LED light lines, with fast click connections. See more


Premium optical efficiency with supreme visual comfort.

All in one

One system enables all kinds of lighting and interior design applications even on the most demanding projects.

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Diverse optics are appropriate for different space types, such as opal diffuser (DO) for corridors, microprismatic diffuser (CDP) for office areas, wall washer (WW) for wall washing of exhibits and vertical surfaces, with very limited glare, as well as double focal lens (LFO) retracted from the ceiling surface, for full visual comfort.


Modular LED lighting system offers four standard module lengths for different optics and blind cover. Its innovation relies on an approach that one lighting system can integrate the lighting of a whole building, but also represents an easy-to-use tool for lighting designers, quick mounting for the installers, simple use and integration into existing building management systems for the end-user.

Modularnost opcije
HCL ready

System S is a modular LED lighting system with the ability to easily form infinite lines. It can operate for tens of meters with a single power module. This lighting system is suitable for large spaces. It is intended for recessed, ceiling surface and suspended mounting.

System S integrates various lighting management systems, integrable into building management systems, with various options such as dimming, tunable white/human centric lighting (adjustable manually or automatically, using available software interface). HCL (Human Centric Lighting) ready.

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Jadran Swimming & Water Polo Club

BUCK’s System S gave a completely new impression of the Trophy Hall of our club. The lighting effects of the system highlighted the most valuable in the hall, which is a great challenge in such spaces due to a large number of reflective surfaces. The professionalism of the BUCK company in the very design, manufacture and delivery of the mentioned system in our case is said to be CHAMPION in the sports dictionary!!! It is up to us to win new trophies, and it is up to BUCK to continue to highlight them and highlight them in the best way. Group

BUCK is a reliable manufacturer of high-quality lighting equipment. In particulary, we want to single out the operability and timely solution of a very important task for us, which was solved on time, and in very difficult conditions of quarantine and restrictions. The BUCK team successfully mastered the task and once again showed its professionalism, desire to work in the interest of the client and to achieve success together with him. DOO group thanks to BUCK company for the excellent cooperation and recommends them as a reliable manufacturer of quality products.

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