Free standing luminaires

The freestanding lights in our portfolio combine attractive design and functionality and are a form of lighting that fits into the design of a contemporary setting with ease.


Because it creates suitable working conditions, freestanding LED lighting is a great solution for furnishing office space, but it is also recommended for ambient lighting of another type of interior.

Why choose BUCK free standing lights?


Thanks to the latest generation components and electrical parts of each BUCK freestanding LED luminaire, this type of lighting provides significant visual comfort when working, as well as other indoor activities. 


Like other BUCK products each of our free standing LED lights saves energy and becomes an important ally in improving and optimizing your business.


A significant advantage of free standing lighting fixtures is their aesthetics. The LED floor luminaires in our offer feature elegant, minimalist design. Their small versions can be used as desk luminaires or can be placed on the floor to create ambient lighting.


Extremely practical and easy to mount


The fact that they are practical and easy to install is another item on the list of reasons for choosing our freestanding luminaires. For example, without special preparation, tools and additional training, our freestanding Aria Smart luminaire is ready for use within 5 to 10 minutes.


Their flawless operation requires no additional installations or special work. Thanks to their ergonomic features, the installation and handling of these luminaires is very easy.


Attractive free standing LED lighting tailored to your environment


Attractive floor luminaires from BUCK will improve any space and they are especially suitable for fluid interiors, i.e. spaces where rearrangements of furniture are possible..


This type of lighting is mobile, which means that if your company changes office space, it will easily adapt to new conditions. In order to ensure that free standing lights are completely in harmony with the interior, in addition to the standard light color temperature, you can check the availability of a different light color temperature as well as the dynamic white light function on request.


High end quality of BUCK free standing lights


Our luminaires are made of the highest quality materials, which ensure their functionality and durability.


The luminaries come with a conductor, a dimmer and a plug. The Aria Smart  is equipped with a multisensor, which has two important characteristics:

  • Presence Sensor – It turns luminaire on only when someone is present in the room in which it is located. This sensor also involves gradually switching on the light upon entering the room.
  • Daylight Detection – The ability of the luminaire to adjust the intensity of illumination with natural light or other light sources.


This luminaire provides a constant level of illumination on the work surface with a special benefit for each employee, which is the individual intensity setting, with the effect of cutting off the light beam to focus the illumination on the selected surface – without affecting the illumination of adjacent desks.


If you want to equip your space with BUCK freestanding LED lighting, send us a direct inquiry. Together we will choose the best solution for your needs and will be pleased to participate in your development and success.

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