System solutions

System lighting solutions from our portfolio represent cutting edge technology and a combination of functional lighting and the highest manufacturing quality. The main advantages are high energy efficiency and wide applicability.

BUCK system lighting enables the illumination of an entire building, production hall, warehouse or other purpose using a unique lighting control system as a main light source. A wide variety of optical accessories is most applicable in office and administrative spaces. Modularity and adaptability are of paramount importance for industrial spaces.

What is the LED lighting system for halls, buildings and business premises?


BUCK LED lighting systems are a great choice if you need hall lighting, warehouse and other office lighting or lighting systems for building. The main benefits of our system light solutions are: 


  • High efficiency
  • Modularity
  • Tool-free installation
  • Plug & Play mode

BUCK smart LED lighting system solutions


When it comes to light system solutions, we offer several reliable ones:


Neo Linea Ind is a high-efficiency ceiling surface mounted / suspended track lighting system for illuminating oversized spaces such as industrial plants, warehouses and retail spaces. The housing of the system is made of extruded aluminium profile with PMMA optics. Flexibility is also reflected in the ability to adapt the system to a new  furniture disposition and work units easily.


System S is a modular LED lighting system with the ability to easily form infinite lines. It can operate for tens of meters with a single power module. This lighting system is suitable for large rooms, whether for offices or communications. It is intended for recessed, ceiling surface and suspended mounting.


System M is also a modular office space LED lighting system, with dimensions slightly different than S.


The S and M lighting systems are system of lighting fixtures with the ability to integrate several different functions and effects in one line, depending on the space, so they can have narrow-beam MD optical accessories for open spaces, WW component for large wall illumination, as well as standard CDP and DO for offices and classic hallways.


Send us a specific inquiry and our expert team will answer any questions you may have regarding the specifications, operation or purchase of lighting system solutions according to your needs.

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