Once again, Darko Budec is chairman of the jury of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

March 17, 2023 - The prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award was traditionally presented this year in Serbia. During the press conference, our CEO and founder, Darko Budec, who has been chairman of the "EY Entrepreneur of the Year" jury for many years, shared his views on the registered candidates. He pointed out that this year's generation of entrepreneurs was exceptional and that, in his opinion, they are united by great creativity and innovation apart from business efficiency. He noted that out of the 35 registered candidates, six to seven leading entrepreneurs had achieved EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) in excess of tens of millions of euros. In the words of our director: "Entrepreneurship is becoming a serious game. The prominent Serbian entrepreneurs are now very close to Western European entrepreneurs, which is a remarkable result since their activities are conducted in a small market, in a small and a relatively poor country, compared to the rich markets".

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Strategic decision of digital transformation

February 27, 2023 - The process of digital transformation in our company is already present. We have always strived to keep up with all technological achievements in our industry. One goal is to increase BUCK's production capacity and automate digitally transformed production processes.

In addition to procuring these new machines and robots controlled by CNC and robot controllers, we also entered into the process of implementing software for the integration of the business processes of construction, technology, procurement, production preparation and production itself. The laser is the first machine from the equipment list and is an integral part of the initiated digitalization process of all business activities at BUCK, step by step.

The digital transformation of complete processes in the company is part of strategic decisions, the implementation of which is expected in 2023.

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BUCK lighting has been the address for all lighting needs for 30 years

January 30, 2023 -We celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of our company's existence and on that occasion wrote a BLOG post for you in which we described in detail our development path, challenges and main features of our business.

Past successes lay the foundation for future achievements. Our goal in the years ahead is to fully follow the trends of technological progress, to create an environment that creates in accordance with the needs of the future and not one that struggles and strives to be "future-proof". Thirty years of the BUCK lighting company is a journey filled with growth and transformation. The brand itself has built its own identity that symbolizes a fresh and innovative corporate structure made up of talented people dedicated to creation.

This 30-year anniversary justified the slogan that describes BUCK's philosophy LIGHT FOR BETTER LIFE.

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Good design award for BUCK’s VISION System

December 30, 2022 -During the December days, filled with the holiday spirit, BUCK got another significant reason to celebrate. The Museum of Architecture and Design (Chicago Athenaeum) and the European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies awarded our VISION system with the GOOD DESIGN Award for 2022. At this year's traditional 72nd competition, held in Chicago, a record number of applications from the world's leading manufacturers and firms for industrial and graphic design from 55 countries were considered.

As the winner of one of the awards, our VISION System represents the tunnel lighting segment that is part of the BUCK smart system, and consists of lighting units (VISION) and drivers for powering LED light sources. In the past years, our System S, the REGINA industrial luminaire, the MISTRAL street luminaire, and many others have been awarded this prestigious award. This award is the result of the enormous effort of our entire team, and for us, it is a great pride, recognition, and an incentive for further growth, development and improvement of the business.

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Our employees are officially certified by Molex company

December 2, 2022 - The daily striving for progress and implementing new technologies in our production united us earlier this year with the company Molex. Following the development of technology on the global market, we were able to develop and upgrade our product range with a special PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology type of luminaires. BUCK is one of only three European companies that has tested and configured its products according to PoE technology in cooperation with Molex, and as such, we became one of the prominent members of the CoreSync EcoSystem in the Lighting Alliance Associates sector. Spreading the knowledge in our teams, today we can be proud of the certifications given by Molex to two of our technology experts, Miroslav Živanović and Bogdan Nastić, who successfully completed the CoreSync Alliance training for the CoreSync PoE-trained manufacturers of intelligent lighting systems.

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BUCK lighting received a prestigious business quality recognition

25 November, 2022 - For this year's World Quality Day and European Quality Week, another forum for quality and business excellence was organized, during which the companies with the highest success rate in the current year were awarded. Among the five remarkable companies that were awarded with the "2022 Oscar for Business Excellence", was BUCK lighting, recognized for its achievements in the fields of strategy, market activity, and customer relationship. On this occasion, we would like to thank the Foundation for Culture of Quality and Excellence (FQCE) for this prestigious recognition, as well as the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which organized this event with the support of the Serbian Ministry of Economy and under the patronage of the Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS).

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