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November 12, 2021 - Commitment is what always brings results. Our office in Moscow can say that we are proud of our cooperation with clients who keep coming back to us. One client that kept trusting us is, without a doubt, the group based in Moscow. As part of a new project, in cooperation with the famous architectural bureau UNK, we lit their premises in BC Alkon in the capital.

The offices of this company are located on three floors of the Alkon business centre with a total area of about 11,000 m2. As an additional contribution to the original architectural solutions of the interior, several different types of lamps were used: Luna / S, Slim line TLS / S, Prima M DO / S, Micro MD, Luna Ring / S.

Our LED office lighting provides a pleasant working environment, high employee productivity, as well as numerous other benefits provided by high-quality office luminaires.

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GRAND PRIX competition of the French Chamber of Commerce

October 14, 2021 - For many years we have been members of the French Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (CCIFS), whose mission is to promote Serbia and its market in France and provide direct services to companies from France that want information, trade or open their business in Serbia. The activities of the chamber itself go beyond the framework of strictly business-trade relations, so in September, the GRAND PRIX competition was opened on two topics:
1. Business innovation
2. Socially responsible business

We participated in the competition in the category of "Socially responsible business" with the project of tunnel lighting, which was done according to the circular economy principles. Circular economy represents a new model of production and consumption that ensures sustainable growth over time. The application of circular economy in the lighting industry implies the production and use of serviceable luminaires (with easy installation), with the use of the most efficient light modules and optical accessories, with carefully designed service solutions without wasting resources. The complete luminaire is not replaced, but the necessary parts are serviced.

The tunnel lighting project is our first project in which the circular economy has been fully implemented. We are extremely proud of the achieved results as well as for the satisfaction of our clients from Austria. We are planning further development of this revolutionary model within our business.

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Work in progress- Airport Nikola Tesla

September 20, 2020 - Within the project of construction and reconstruction of Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, the company VINCI Airports has chosen BUCK as its partner and company of trust. Our job is to develop a complete technical and commercial lighting solution. The design solution we created consists of Insert M DO line luminaires, of different lengths and strengths, adapted to the installation site.
Excellent cooperation with VINCI Airports and our engagement in the renovation of the airport is underway. Our common goal is to transform this facility into a high-quality terminal according to world standards for the best user experience for all passengers.
On March 22th, 2018.VINCI Airports signed an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Serbia on a twenty-five-year concession for Nikola Tesla Airport. The contract includes financing, development through construction and reconstruction, maintenance and management of the airport infrastructure.

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Interview with EasyEngineering magazine

August 25, 2020 - EasyEngineering is an online magazine that deals with different interesting subjects in the field of engineering.

As the lighting industry is very fast growing and at the same time being one of the key ecological industries that can influence energy savings, we had a chance to answer some very interesting questions regarding our beginnings and future plans.

We are grateful for being recognized as a company that has business influence, knows where the market will be going in the post corona period and has great potential. If you want to read a whole interview, click on the link.

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VECTOR – specialised reflector for sports lighting

July 14, 2021 - Our work is dedicated to continuous improvements of the luminaires we offer to the market. This time we present you with a new line of specialized reflectors for sports lighting VECTOR.

The Vector family originated from the Tangram HB group. We have recognised the need to separate the specialised reflector for sports lighting VECTOR from the rest of the Tangram HB family used in industrial, facade, and street lighting. Vector differs from Tangram in the construction itself. The central space in the form of a closed box for the ballast is moved behind the reflector in a separate compartment where the driver's position is exposed but covered with high IP protection. With these changes, the reflector becomes more compact and reliable in cooling and protection against the penetration of moisture and other particles. The mounting bracket is part of the luminaire, which further accelerates and improves the mounting process.

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Participation in AFA Talent Development Forum

June 10,  2021 - This year, for the first time, the AFA talent organization created an event called the "Talent Development Forum ", which brought together students, professors, government and business representatives to discuss employees development and the future of the labour market.

The central topic was the "Talent Paradox". On the one hand, the "war for talents" is intensifying, companies are continuously creating new strategies and methods to attract talents. At the same time, on the other hand, we have the so-called "Waste of talent" or incomplete use of the potentials, due to inefficient recruitment and inadequate educational system.

The forum gathered great speakers, among whom was Darko Budeč, the founder and president of BUCK. We are grateful to the AFA organization for the invitation. We were pleased to present BUCK's point of view on talents matter, how to motivate and invest in them, as well as to emphasize the importance of employees expertise for business development.

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