BUCK lighting received a prestigious business quality recognition

25 November, 2022 - For this year's World Quality Day and European Quality Week, another forum for quality and business excellence was organized, during which the companies with the highest success rate in the current year were awarded. Among the five remarkable companies that were awarded with the "2022 Oscar for Business Excellence", was BUCK lighting, recognized for its achievements in the fields of strategy, market activity, and customer relationship. On this occasion, we would like to thank the Foundation for Culture of Quality and Excellence (FQCE) for this prestigious recognition, as well as the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which organized this event with the support of the Serbian Ministry of Economy and under the patronage of the Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS).

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Buck lighting in the new Logistika & Transport professional publication

21 November, 2022 - Considering the sudden increase in the price of energy resources and electricity, in the new issue of Logistika&Transport, dedicated to energy savings, we talked about the savings in energy that companies can achieve by switching to LED lighting. On the example of changes in the effective price of electricity in Serbia, and with practical examples of our lighting projects (Bambi, Metech, and Milšped), we illustrated the achieved energy savings and the results obtained through the application of our lighting solutions.

In our article in this publication, you can read about how much it is worth to invest in LED lighting, and in what time the investment can be returned, but also on specific illustrative examples, you can find out the percentage of annual energy savings by installing LED sources compared to the old lighting systems.

This article, as well as more information about this magazine and subscription terms, you can find on the Logistika&Transport website.

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New business cooperation with the company Cleangrad

27 October, 2022 - After numerous realized lighting projects all over Europe, in the previous period, we also got a possibility to strengthen our cooperation with the company Cleangrad in Slovenia, which is specialized in the production of clean rooms and related equipment. Besides collaboration in the production and supply of luminaires for their clean rooms, BUCK lighting also had the opportunity to participate, together with the architectural office "Biro Biro", in the realization of their new office building project Cleangrad. The new modern architectural facility, intended as a pleasant business environment for all employees, also required the most modern LED lighting for its premises. This time, in accordance with the already developed lighting solution, we used a combination of different types of dimmable LED luminaires. In this way, all the aesthetic and functional criteria provided for different spaces, such as offices, corridors, and common areas, were met. A reliable selection of modern design luminaires, with components and electrical components of the highest quality and high energy efficiency, perfectly complemented the new office space of our partners from the company Cleangrad, which has been successfully operating in the market for 20 years.

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Participating in the Business Stories Podcast

September 12, 2022 - We are approaching the end of the summer, and we summarize the impressions from this period, which, in addition to numerous lighting projects, was also marked by the participation of our director and founder, Darko Budeč, in the "business stories" podcast. Recognized by the host, Vladimir Stanković, as an example of good practice, the company BUCK shared the experience of many years of business to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship among young people. The interview, entitled "How a company from Belgrade became a world leader in the lighting industry," follows the story of our founder about the challenges and development of the company, from its foundation until today, as well as about its plans for the future. Some of the topics that you may encounter in this podcast are: What is essential in the lighting industry; The first big clients; Product creation process; Struggle with the foreign competition; Innovation and product development; Why learning is the most crucial thing in the story of a young entrepreneur; How we do business with big clients, and many others. You can listen to the interview via the following link.

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Participation in the conference MPS100 EXPO

June 15, 2022 - On June 1, we participated in the MPS100 EXPO conference, which aimed to point out the development potential of the domestic economy embodied through the experiences of carefully selected, leading small and medium enterprises, including BUCK lighting.

Many interesting topics were covered in the panel discussion, among which we would single out: Capacity building, technological and "green" transformation, Availability of qualified human resources and Increasing and diversifying access to finance.

This time, the CEVES organization, in cooperation with the MIND Park, gathered great speakers and enabled the exchange of ideas and experiences while at the same time drawing attention to the potential of the domestic economy.

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Katschberg tunnel – Implementation of SDi system

May 30, 2022 - Our engagement in tunnel lighting projects in Austria continues. On this occasion, we illuminated the Katschberg tunnel, located on the Tauern highway section between the Flachauwinkel and Rennweg junctions. The Tauren (A10) highway is an essential north-south transversal in the Alps, and the tunnel itself is 5,898 m long.

To meet the requirements of the investor, the company ASFINAG, it was necessary to adjust the LED lighting for the existing housings, which are not of standard dimensions. By analyzing all requirements, BUCK has come up with an original solution - SDi system for remote control of luminaire power (SDi - discrete time coded 230 V Step-Dim-interface), which allows dimming control to be performed using a single-phase cable from an existing installation. This way, the signal can be transmitted over long distances without loss.

INSERT ASF 3 SYM 118W and INSERT ASF 4 SYM 158W were used in the realization of this project. Our research and development department is working tirelessly on new solutions that would meet our clients' requirements. We are proud of the simplicity and efficiency of the SDi system, and we expect its implementation in new projects.

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