Tunnel A2GLÜK

April 19, 2022 - Tunnel lighting is one of the most demanding branches of the lighting industry. Various challenges, such as the harsh environment, the need for a longer luminaire life span and the ease of installation and servicing, are present at the same time.

Tunnel projects have been our focus for a long time, and we can proudly say that we continue our cooperation with the Austrian company ASFINAG. Our LED lighting solutions have met all quality and safety requirements on the new Großliedl und Übelskogel (A2GLÜK) tunnel projects.

The application of the latest achievements in the production of LED tunnel lighting and the replacement of existing fixtures with obsolete light sources, in addition to great savings in electricity consumption and significantly reduced maintenance costs, represents a huge contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and environmental pollution. The specificity of this project is reflected in the fact that this was the first project of the so-called circular economy where ASFINAG housings with a long service life of 30 years were used.

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BUCK’s participation in the Italian Design Days event

March 24, 2022 - The first spring days at Buck were marked by participation in the Italian Design Days, within the organization of Confindustria Serbia, the Italian Embassy in Belgrade and the Italian Cultural Center. This sixth manifestation was held on March 23, at the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade. In addition to our company, the following companies were also among exhibitors: ARTEFACTO, LUSSO DESIGN, BERLIGHT, as well as the light studio ARTEMIDE.

The theme of the event was the impact of lighting on human well-being. Our slogan was "Light for a better life". BUCK lighting has found its place in the Italian Design Days, even though it is a Serbian company, primarily as an example of good domestic practice. Membership in the Confindustria, as well as numerous projects done in Italy, were as well some of the motives for our participation. Darko Budeč was among the speakers in the panel discussion where he presented the lighting industry's tendencies and the impact they have on people's health and daily life.

As part of this event, we exhibited the E2 floor luminaire, for ambient interior lighting, the freestanding ARIA SMART HCL luminaire, intended for the lighting of workspaces, as well as the suitcase with optical exhibits.

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Participation of the company BUCK in the event “Administrative Director 2021”

March 2, 2022 - There are some good news from our office in Moscow. Our office lighting project made for the company FONBET was among the finalists within the nomination "New office space".

In February 2022, the fifth jubilee award ceremony was held as part of this event, of which we have been members since its founding. This year, the event was organized both live and online within a virtual platform on which it was possible to monitor the content of participants. The companies could present their products and services within their virtual stand. A special place in the business program was given to the presentation of our colleagues from Moscow on "Lighting: What to consider when choosing equipment". The presentation pointed out the technical elements that, in addition to the design itself, are necessary to pay attention to when designing lighting.

Given the long tradition of successful office lighting projects BUCK has in Russia, we are proud that our project is once again among the finalists of such an important event.

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BUCK announces strategic relationship with Molex

February 18, 2022 - The year 2022. has just started and we already have a very important announcement to make. Molex, a prestigious and worldwide leader in IoT and Connectivity Technologies for over 80 years, with more than 12.000 employees, has confirmed BUCK lighting as a CoreSync Alliance Member. for the European market. Collaboration with Molex's CoreSync technology provides us the opportunity to create and link smart buildings with PoE connectivity.

Lighting control is a field BUCK’s development team has been working on for a long time. BUCK’s wide range of luminaires is designed to be the best choice for smart systems that include complete lighting control and HCL technology. Integrating a trusted Molex connectivity system with high-quality BUCK luminaires is an example of technology that is actively improving people’s lives. By incorporating Molex CoreSync into BUCK’s luminaires, a network of the space in which they are installed can be enhanced and a range of operational sensors can be turned into dynamic self-optimizing assets. This solution is proven to be ECO friendly by saving energy and can be customized for a range of applications.

Buck Lighting’s cooperation with Molex means '' Together we are Brighter, Better, Greener and Smarter."

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January 18, 2022 - The great world exhibition DUBAI EXPO 2020 is underway, and we are proud to participate in the seventh week called "Health and Wellbeing". Over the years, we have seen great opportunities for the development of our company in the medical and cleanroom lighting industry. Certification by the Fraunhofer IPA Institute and the possession of ISO standards, in addition to numerous satisfied customers and excellent references in this field, further confirm the quality of our products.

In our product range, luminaires for medical institutions are of high quality, long-lasting installed equipment, in accordance with the highest hygienic standards. These characteristics are necessary for reliable lighting in all rooms of hospitals, clinics and laboratories. With special attention, our team has developed models for lighting offices for examination and accommodation of patients in a standard and intensive mode of medical care. QUARTZ BHU and MEDICO luminaires are the right solutions for hospital rooms of the highest category, from the point of view of patient well-being but also the best working conditions for medical staff.

Over two decades of experience have led to the formation of a comprehensive lighting program for clean rooms. The Cleanroom production program, which we present at this exhibition, is intended for lighting operating rooms in hospitals, clean spaces in pharmaceutical production plants, the food industry, microchips, and explosive environments in many other industries. Luminaires that we have developed especially for this purpose are CLEAN ROOM SUNLIKE, CLEAN ROOM CLA OT, CLEAN ROOM HB, CLEAN ROOM CLA / C Ex.

In addition to presenting our products, participating in the DUBAI EXPO 2020 exhibition gives us the opportunity to present new trends and technologies in the lighting industry we are working on, among which is currently Human Centric Lighting / Circadian lighting.

We are looking forward to the beginning of the seventh week, and we wish our colleague Nemanja Petrović good luck. You can also follow our activities during the fair on the social networks Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook.

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Entrepreneurs must go forward, bravely and without unnecessary emotions

December 16, 2021 - The last two years have changed many patterns of business and activities in the market. Business entities had to adapt, to learn how to turn the new situation in their favour in order to survive.

How we have adjusted our business in post-pandemic conditions, is this is the right time to invest or whether it is necessary to refrain from investing, what young entrepreneurs should know when entering the market - all topics on which Darko Budeč, our founder and director, talked to the journalists of the eKapija portal. By clicking on LINK you can read the complete interview.

eKapija is one of the leading business portals in Serbia. In addition to the latest news and reports, this portal provides its readers with insight into economic analysis, investment announcements, business trends and stories of successful companies and individuals.

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