Wall mounted luminaires

BUCK wall mounted lighting provides complete visual comfort and significantly affects the ambience of the room in which it is installed, thanks to the first-class components of which we produce wall luminaires and aesthetic standards that must keep pace with the time and trends of interior design.

The lighting characteristics of our wall mounted luminaires and their durability are an indicator of the highest quality and a reason to equip your space with BUCK products.

Why is BUCK wall mounted lighting a good solution?


High energy efficiency is a feature of every product of BUCK. The electronic components in our wall mounted luminaires are of the latest generation, providing the highest quality of lighting.


In BUCK’s product catalog you can find everything you need to fully equip a space. In addition to being easy to fit into classic rooms, wall mounted lighting stands out from other types of lighting as it is also suitable for specific areas of the interior:


Due to its characteristics, certain wall mounted luminaires are also suitable for installation in damp areas, making it an excellent choice for hotels or public bathrooms.

BUCk also produces wall mounted light fixtures which are suitable for room marking. If you are interested in this type of lighting, please send us an inquiry for recessed wall lamps with number or letter code.


LED wall mounted light fixtures tailored to your environment


Wall mounted light fixtures for direct and indirect local lighting are a step towards modernizing your office space. Wall mounted lighting directly affects the ambiance of the room, and depending on the choice of luminaires, it can give it a touch of elegance and sophistication.


In order for our wall mounted luminaires to fully fit your environment, in addition to the prominent specifications you can find on a separate page of each wall mounted luminaire, we emphasize that for most products it is possible to send specific requests.


If you wish to equip your space with BUCK wall mounted light fixtures that reflect functionality and the latest technology, send us a direct product inquiry and our expert team will answer you as soon as possible.

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