Track luminaires

BUCK track lighting system is distinguished by its modern design and applicability in different spaces. It is a good lighting solution in public buildings, offices, but also in private residential buildings, giving them an authentic look.


Our LED track lighting system is an example of high performance, longevity and quality lighting. We offer track system spotlights and luminaires made with the latest generation of components.

Luminaires for track – spotlighting for maximum flexibility


Track light fixtures in the shape and form of spotlights are in special demand due to their flexibility – they can be easily rotated or pivoted, depending on requirements. For instance, if some of the objects in the room are going to be moved into another position, or removed entirely – lighting will be the least of your concerns.


You can simply remove one of the LED track light heads, and mount it elsewhere. This kind of spotting lights is also a great choice if you want to put a special emphasis on some of the objects, or if you want to use it as a form of architectural lighting


Why is BUCK track system lighting a good solution?


Track lighting can be the main source of light and at the same time a great decorative element in the interior. Thanks to the latest optical and electrical components incorporated in BUCK track system lighting, full visual comfort is provided.


Track system LED spotlights and track system LED luminaires are important allies in saving energy and reducing costs, as they are characterized by high energy efficiency and longevity. Their advantage is the possibility for manual adjustment, without the use of tools.


BUCK track lighting will bring any space to light, thanks to the combination of high-end design, indisputable efficiency and outstanding functionality. We make sure every aspect of your space is thoroughly illuminated, just the way you want to.


Track system spotlights


BUCK LED spotlights provide direct illumination with passive or active cooling, according to the desired power. Depending on the lighting design, as well as the characteristics of the space in which they are located, the luminaire can have a narrow, medium and wide beam.


Precise directing of light beams is possible by rotation on two axes. The track system spotlights can be controlled with appropriate equipment.


Track luminaires


 BUCK offers to its clients the track system LED luminaires of simple and pure shapes for general illumination as well as track system adjustable linear luminaires for illumination of specific objects.


Practical aspects of track luminaires


One of the main advantages of track system luminaires is their practicality. They feature fast and easy installation, as well as an easy light beam adjustment to meet the needs of the ambience. This type of lighting is widespread, so track system spotlights can be seen in numerous museums, galleries, retail and catering facilities. They are a good solution for spaces where wall or ceiling mounting is not possible.


Track luminaires for accenting and floodlighting


Track lighting is a brilliant form of architectural lighting, especially as an addition to spaces such as galleries, museums and showrooms. 


Track spotlighting is capable of emphasizing even the smallest objects or details in rich contrast, while wider distributions can accentuate larger objects in a way that creates a wider impression of surrounding space.


LED track fixtures for even light distribution


Track lighting is also available with precise zoom lenses, which allows you total control when adjusting the beam angles of exhibits or merchandise. This manually adjustable form of track lighting allows for great precision and flexibility, that fit the purpose. 


Wallwashing with BUCK track luminaires


Wallwashing represents a special kind of track luminaires, used for consistent illumination of walls exclusively. Wallwashing ensures uniform vertical illuminance for any type of spatial environment, especially when you need vertical lighting to make a room appear brighter, emphasizing its dimensions, and making a better impression overall.


BUCK spotlighting – a good choice for a modern interior


Quality, efficiency, practicality and longevity are only some of the reasons to choose track spotlights by BUCK. In order for the track system luminaires and spotlights to fully meet all the requirements of your space and provide an authentic ambience, please send us your specific request. You can also choose the light colour temperature.

If you want to furnish your space with BUCK track lighting products that reflect functionality and modern design, send us a direct product inquiry and our expert team will answer you as soon as possible.

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