Suspended luminaires

Suspended lighting from BUCK`s portfolio is a unique blend of attractive design and functionality. As a trademark of many modern interiors, BUCK LED suspended luminaires stand out with their unique design and optical effects, allowing the interior to get its signature, giving a distinctive feature to the space.

The highest quality of suspended office lighting, significant energy savings, the visual impression they give in the form of beautiful, diffused lighting, as well as the way they characterize the ambience of the space, are the main reasons why suspended luminaires from BUCK are a good and reliable choice.

Why is suspended LED office lighting a great choice?


Suspended luminaires and systems from BUCK in the form of suspended LED office lighting are made of first-class optical components and electrical components, providing significant visual comfort. This is an extremely important item that enables productive and comfortable work for all employees.


What is particularly important to customers is the high energy efficiency, which we proudly point out as a feature of our LED suspended luminaires. It is this feature that results in significant energy savings for the whole company, so BUCK is your ally in improving and optimizing your business.


Benefits of suspended light fixtures


BUCK suspended light fixtures are characterized by high quality hardware, ensuring durability and outstanding performance with every use. 


Aside from premium quality, our suspended light fittings are versatile, at the same able to illuminate large spaces, while their even design allows them to properly diffuse the light, applicable on a variety of ceiling heights. These features are what makes them perfect for both industrial and office space purposes.


LED suspended ceiling lights are a great investment as they are very simple to install and maintain over time, while their versatility in terms of design represents a solution for different forms of architectural design.


Suspended linear LED lighting usage


The main feature of suspended linear LED lighting can be mounted on any type of surface in indoor spaces, with the help of cables and chains if need be. 


This type of indoor application is used to utilize just enough light and provide bright illumination for general purposes of retail stores, office buildings, schools or other educational facilities, homes or even hospitals. 


Additional Benefits of BUCK Suspended Lighting


High efficiency optical accessories enable


  • BUCK suspended luminaires to provide direct and indirect lighting for business premises;
  • Suspension kits are included;
  • In addition to the highlighted color temperatures, specific requests for most products are possible.

Suspended luminaires for modern interiors


Models of suspended luminaires from our portfolio will satisfy even the most refined taste. Part of our offer are general-purpose luminaires that feature simple and reduced shapes, but you can also order linear, circular suspended LED or ring-shaped luminaires.


Our products match elegant, sophisticated interiors as well as attractive architectural elements. For certain luminaire models you choose, it is also possible to form longer line systems in order to achieve optimum light uniformity and aesthetic integrity in interior solutions.


Satisfied clients and their functional as well as attractive business premises are what we strive for. If you want to equip your office space with suspended lighting from BUCK, send us a direct inquiry. Together we will find the best solution for your office space and be your associates on the road to success.

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