Product details

GENERAL High efficiency suspension luminaire for direct high quality illumination of office spaces.

OPTICS Highly transparent micro prismatic diffuser provides glare limitation and a uniform diffusing light. The opal foil provides a uniformly illuminated surface, without visible light sources. Transparent extruded PMMA protector provides a smooth surface for easy maintenance. 

LIGHTING MANAGEMENT The choice of appropriate control gear enables integration into lighting management systems.

HOUSING Luminaire of extruded aluminium. Finish: anodisation in natural aluminium colour or with epoxy polyester powder coating. Fine structured texture. Other colours available upon request.

FEATURES Possibility to form a long linear line adjusted to the space, in order to gain optimal light uniformity and aesthetic consistency of the interior.

ADDITIONAL To be ordered separately: suspension kit, an EM module, enabling operation in the case of a power failure and other light colour temperatures.

Technical data

suspended direct lighting
finish:white finestructured paint
finish: gray finestructured paint
finish: black finestructured paint
CE marking
mounting on normally flammable surfaces
electrical safety
ingress protection
lamp type
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Order code Description A/B/H[mm] WEIGHT [kg] FLUX [lm]* IP UGR Total Power [W] CCT [K] CRI Led Service Life
2846321XY PRIMA M CDP /S 900 /840 HE 846/83/100 2.50 1256 IP40 <19 15.0 3000 >80 60000h L80B10 /SDCM 3
2846341XY PRIMA M CDP /S 900 /840 HO 846/83/100 2.50 2162 IP40 <22 28.0 4000 >80 60000h L80B10 /SDCM 3
2846421XY PRIMA M CDP /S 1200 /840 HE 1126/83/100 3.20 1674 IP40 <19 20.0 4000 >80 60000h L80B10 /SDCM 3
2846441XY PRIMA M CDP /S 1200 /840 HO 1126/83/100 3.20 2883 IP40 <22 37.0 4000 >80 60000h L80B10 /SDCM 3
2846521XY PRIMA M CDP /S 1500 /840 HE 1406/83/100 4.00 2093 IP40 <19 25.0 4000 >80 60000h L80B10 /SDCM 3
2846541XY PRIMA M CDP /S 1500 /840 HO 1406/83/100 4.00 3604 IP40 <22 47.0 4000 >80 60000h L80B10 /SDCM 3
* Luminaire luminous flux and connected electrical load - initial tolerance of ±10 % (at ambient temperature of 25° C).
** Replace XY with the color code when ordering ( e.g. 11 white, 21 grey, 31 black).

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