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GENERAL  Tunnel lighting luminaire, part of BUCK smart tunnel illumination system. Appropriate for various tunnel types and other harsh environments. It’s longevity, energy efficiency and overall reliable performance ensure low usage costs. 

OPTICS  A wide range of PMMA lenses assures optimal lighting solution for any tunnel situation. Required lighting intensities and uniformities are ensured while high energy efficiency is achieved. 
Basically, two types of light distributions are used for tunnel lighting: 
SYM – symmetric light distribution is used for interior and entrance zone luminaires; 
ASY – asymmetric light distribution is used for entrance and exit zone luminaires as counterbeam or probeam application. 
Optics protector is made of 5 mm tempered glass.  

HOUSING  Design concept with easy opening doors and servicing on site. Made of stainless steel 1.4571 / AISI 316 Ti (electrochemically polished and passivated for highest resistance to corrosion). The heatsink is efficient aluminum alloy with powder coating protection. 

LIGHTING MANAGEMENT  Smart LED lighting solutions for tunnels and subways include fully integrated control systems to monitor and manage various factors such as levels of light outside and inside the tunnel, speed and density of traffic, various tunnel zones, motion, presence, speed detection… Buck provides various solutions for luminaires control such as analog current loop 4-20 mA interface (CLi), discrete time coded 230 V step dim interface (SDi), digital bidirectional RS-485 interface (RSi). 

FEATURES  Luminaire system consists of opening housing with lighting unit and driver unit for powering of LED light source and Junction block with through-wiring functionality. Lighting unit and Driver unit are separably serviceable on site without tools. Performance and safety in different types of tunnels are achieved with a properly chosen optics from a wide range of light distributions. Easy mounting with adjustable brackets. Longevity assured by advanced protection against corrosion, impact and overheating. 

Technical data

street lighting
CE marking
mounting on normally flammable surfaces
electrical safety
ingress protection
impact protection
lamp type
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Order code Description A/B/H[mm] WEIGHT [kg] FLUX [lm]* IP Total Power [W] CCT [K] CRI Led Service Life
6425102XY VISION ASF 2 SYM 690x500x173 20.00 10394 IP66 79.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10 / SDCM3
6425103XY VISION ASF 3 SYM 690x500x173 20.50 15591 IP66 119.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10 / SDCM3
6425104XY VISION ASF 4 SYM 690x500x173 21.00 18486 IP66 138.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10 / SDCM3
6425106XY VISION ASF 6 SYM 690x500x173 22.00 24071 IP66 176.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10 / SDCM3
6425203XY VISION ASF 3 ASY 690x500x173 20.50 15034 IP66 119.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10 / SDCM3
6425204XY VISION ASF 4 ASY 690x500x173 21.00 17826 IP66 138.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10 / SDCM3
6425206XY VISION ASF 6 ASY 690x500x173 22.00 23211 IP66 176.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10 / SDCM3
6425208XY VISION ASF 8 ASY 690x500x173 22.50 25945 IP66 194.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10 / SDCM3
6425212XY VISION ASF 12 ASY 690x500x173 25.50 28654 IP66 201.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10 / SDCM3
6425214XY VISION ASF 14 ASY 690x500x173 26.00 33430 IP66 234.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10 / SDCM3
* Luminaire luminous flux and connected electrical load - initial tolerance of ±10 % (at ambient temperature of 25° C).
** Replace XY with the color code when ordering ( e.g. 11 white, 21 grey, 31 black).

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