Educational institutions

Lighting for educational institutions exists as an answer to challenges of catering to a high frequency of staff and students, uniformity in illumination of the work plane of student’s desks, adjustability of light scenes depending on the use of the teaching accessory. 


We suggest using low maintenance linear lighting systems, however the limitations are only related to standards, not to the choice of lighting equipment. Every space tells a different story.

Why is adequate educational lighting important for schools and similar institutions?


Students of educational institutions spend most of the day in them, and employees work full time, so it is necessary that the quality of lighting in these premises is at the highest level. It must be of high quality, functional, and it is especially important that it responds to all the challenges that these institutions face.


This is important as it improves the overall concentration of both students and staff, as well as for indirect safety of the entire institution. For example, appropriate lighting for classrooms can have an immeasurable positive impact on the performance, mood, alertness and engagement of students. 


This is why it is of the utmost importance that the lighting fixtures for any type of educational institution are chosen carefully, taking into account all the required aspects. 


School and classroom lighting challenges


The most important challenges of educational institutions are:

  • Number and high frequency of staff and students;
  • Uniformity of lighting on the work surface of students’ desks;
  • Adjustability of light scenes depending on the use of teaching aids.


Each space is a story in itself, so not every type of school lighting will be a good solution for different institutions. Therefore, in our offer you can find lighting that is a good choice for equipping rooms in kindergartens, classrooms and sports halls in schools, amphitheaters in colleges, as well as halls and other rooms.


The best classroom lighting ensures good learning conditions


In order to ensure appropriate illumination levels, school lighting needs to provide optimum illumination levels in a defined space, whether that refers to classroom lighting or general school lighting fixtures.


BUCK LED lighting for schools also aids in glare reduction, that manifests as a sort of vision impairment in places where light is too bright. By opting for LED lighting solutions that are in line with needs of schools, or any other type of educational institution, you are ensuring suitable illuminance levels all around.


Educational lighting also ensures energy efficiency


BUCK educational lighting, such as LED lighting for schools and classrooms, is also a great choice for any type of educational institution as it not only focuses on multiplicity of needs of both students and staff, but also on reducing overall energy consumption.


They are environmentally and budget friendly, delivering what they are promised to do – proper illumination levels, lighting uniformity, glare reduction and overall safety.


BUCK educational lighting for schools, kindergartens and colleges – a prerequisite for productivity


Our educational lighting has provided the necessary dose of functionality and visual comfort to a large number of educational institutions, and thus made it easier for their students to acquire new knowledge and skills. These are just some of the spaces equipped with our lighting:


  • Faculty of architecture in Belgrade
  • Belgrade business school
  • Kindergarden“Bežanijska kosa”
  • Faculty of Sports and Physical Education in Belgrade
  • International school in Belgrade
  • Music school in Subotica
  • Kindergarden “Plava ptica”
  • Student dormitory in Belgrade
  • Faculty of Teacher Education in Belgrade
  • MGIMO, Faculty of Security studies in Moscow


You can look into our educational lighting solutions for these spaces, , and if you need lighting for the educational institution of your own, send us an inquiry and together we will choose the best suitable lighting solution.

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