Art and worship

Though the scopes of these spaces are different, the principals in illumination are similar, focusing on accent and exhibit illumination. The cultural and religious impact of this type of building is important to the communities, and it is indispensable to have the appropriate type of illumination to support it.

BUCK architectural lighting offers church lighting solutions, as well as lighting for galleries and museums. Our LED lighting for art and worship facilities will complete the mentioned spaces with their simplicity and elegance, and make them a pleasant ambience for all visitors.

Why is adequate lighting important for art and worship facilities?


Although the purposes of these spaces are different, the basics of their lighting are similar. The focus is on:

  • Ambient lighting and
  • Exhibit lighting


In order to achieve this in the best way, it is necessary to equip the space with the type of lighting that will provide the recommended level of lighting, make the ambience pleasant, and provide a dose of visual comfort to all visitors.


As these objects contain works of art, which is why care should be taken not to expose them to inappropriate lighting, and damage them.


Art lighting – lighting for museums and galleries


Lighting artwork is no easy task and there is a spectrum of things to consider along the way. 


Given that artwork is often a big investment, correct specification and focus of lighting is what can make a huge difference, from artwork preservation to aesthetics. Considering this, it is important to provide just the right amount of lighting – not too much and not too little, as many light sources can be responsible for damaging the artwork.


As lighting is used to focus attention on an object, this means that the illumination focused on the object needs to be brighter than the surrounding area, which is why the right choice of art lighting fixtures is highly important.


Lighting for galleries standards


Choosing quality lighting for galleries is of great importance, as many of them have relatively low levels of illumination as they are, as a solution to limiting the light exposure of artwork. However, general lighting in galleries isn’t supposed to be extremely low, although, the lower it is, the less accent lighting is necessary.


Having said this, gallery lighting fittings have to be picked out in accordance with the likelihood of damaging the artwork. 


Lighting for museums for enhancement of the entire experience


Museum lighting is highly important for the entire experience of visiting the current exhibit in place, and breathing life to the showcased objects. 


There are several requirements that museum LED lighting needs to fulfil, one of them being the ability to illuminate art in the precise and efficient way, so the entire presentation is effective. The lighting technology in place is responsible for precise distribution and quality experience. 


Worship lighting – church and cathedral lighting traits


Cathedrals, churches or any other temples of worship are highly important to set the right tone of lighting for services, masses and other types of events taking place in churches. 


Church or cathedral lighting is supposed to provide specific lighting distribution, taking into the account the size and shape of used church lighting fixtures. Worship lighting as a product category is supposed to complement the temple’s features, while delivering an ideal lighting system that is energy efficient at the same time.


BUCK lighting for gallery and religious buildings – the right dose of ambient and accent lighting


The cultural and religious impact of these types of projects is important to communities, and the appropriate type of lighting is necessary to visually support and highlight this. BUCK lighting has enriched the spaces of many gallery and religious buildings, and only some of them are:



You can see our solutions for these objects below, and if you need lighting for your gallery or religious space, send us an inquiry and together we will choose the best lighting.

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