Horeca projects

Illumination in HoReCa objects contributes to the client’s perception of the interior, creating a desired experience. Explore the photos of our completed projects for inspiration of your future lighting designs.

How to choose adequate lighting for HoReCa objects?


HoReCa is a term referring to the hospitality sector, and is also an abbreviation of the word Hotel / Restaurant / Café. As this industry is extremely dynamic, it is necessary to constantly keep up with the competition, which implies special attention paid to the interior.


An important item of interior design is certainly the selection of appropriate lighting that can affect the attraction or rejection of customers. This primarily refers to lobbies, entrance halls and other spaces that can be seen from the outside. 


Apart from the fact that lighting for cafes, restaurants and similar facilities requires the fulfillment of certain standards of aesthetics, the quality of lamps with which the facilities are equipped is also an irreplaceable item.


Adequate lighting for HoReCa projects requires reliability, practicality of installation and maintenance, and above all – the necessary dose of visual comfort for all visitors and the creation of the desired pleasant atmosphere. The shapes, materials and lighting characteristics of BUCK lighting will provide long-lasting and reliable lighting to these facilities and a pleasant ambience for guests and employees.


BUCK lighting for HoReCa projects – a complete atmosphere for guests


Our lighting is the choice of a large number of HoReCa projects that have placed their trust in us. Some of them are: 

  • OLD MILL, Hotel Radisson Blu
  • DUKLEY GARDENS, aparthotel
  • DUKLEY RESIDENCES, apartment complex
  • KELVIN, restaurant
  • D EVENT, a hall for celebrations
  • BOREA, bakery


You can see our solutions for these spaces, and if you need lighting for cafes or other HoReCa facilities as desired, send us an inquiry and together we will choose the best lighting for your space.

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