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Lighting applications in the industrial ambience

And its impact on production improvements

The work in industrial plants carries numerous responsibilities, including properly adapting lighting to the industrial production conditions. Luminaires used for lighting of industrial plants must have high energy efficiency, robust construction adapted to high-risk working conditions, and often be watertight.

Illuminating an industrial plant can be challenging because a wide range of operations is performed with precision, often at the same time. When selecting and installing lighting, one should consider all aspects that affect the light reaching the work surface as well as its quality. Industrial lighting fixtures must be designed to provide illumination even in areas affected by water, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Industrial lighting is used in warehouses, factories, food processing, cold storage, heavy and light metal industries, etc. BUCK industrial lighting enables good visibility and visual comfort on all workplaces of this type.

The best advocates for our company are our satisfied clients. Based on their needs, we have defined all the applications of lighting in industrial plants, as well as information about the benefits of professional lighting and the extent to which they affect the character and functionality of the space.

Industrial LED Lighting and its benefits

LED lighting has increasingly been used in industrial environments, providing efficient lighting for a safer workplace and a pleasant working environment. LED industrial lighting is designed to meet the most demanding operating conditions with maximal energy savings.

While the focus seems to be solely on energy efficiency and longevity of industrial luminaires, other benefits of industrial LED lighting should be considered as well. This includes light quality, safety and productivity improvements, reduction of maintenance costs… 

Longer work life and lower maintenance costs for LED lighting

LED lighting offers exceptional light quality and is multiple times more efficient than traditional luminaires, with an exponentially longer lifetime. It doesn’t require frequent replacements, so plant operators can save on maintenance costs.

The life span of BUCK industrial LED lighting can exceed 100,000 working hours. With the appropriate lighting design, there can also be a significant reduction of the installed power, with considerable energy savings.

Application of BUCK luminaires in industry

BUCK provides high quality LED solutions: Tangram, Neo Linea, Clean Room, Titan and Etna series for industrial lighting which you can see here, intended for spaces such as warehouses, halls, high-risk locations or manufacturing facilities in factories.

Complete system solutions for the selected space, with durability, efficiency, safety and visual comfort make BUCK a reliable partner to many successful companies around the world.

Application in halls, warehouses and other factory facilities

Different industrial facilities require different types of lighting. The Neo Linea lighting system stands out as one of the system solutions for halls, warehouses and other facilities within the factory.

Neo Linea is a high-performance surface mounted/ hanging duct system for high- bay lighting, applicable in industrial, warehouse and retail facilities. The housing is made of extruded aluminium profiles, with the possibility of forming continuous lines.

Different optics (light distribution) allow application in accordance with different visual requirements at ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C to + 45°C. Different light effects are obtained by choosing one of three types of lenses, depending on the organization of the space: narrow beam (30°), wide beam (60°) and extra wide beam (90°). The energy efficiency of this type of industrial lighting is up to 150lm/W.

Installation of Neo Line industrial lighting is quick and easy, and configuration changes are possible even after installation. The system is designed so that the detachment of singular modules does not affect the performance of others in line, which is vital in industrial facilities where continuous operation is of particular importance.

LED lighting of spaces requiring a sterile environment

Different technologies and types of industrial plants demand not only different levels of lighting but also different levels of cleanliness. Therefore, all installed equipment, including lighting, must comply with the special cleanroom regulations. This is especially important in the food industry, the production of medicines or other sensitive products and substances.

The use of BUCK Clean Room luminaires certified by the Fraunhofer Institute is recommended for areas with high cleanliness requirements.

Manual TIG welding, special multilayer protection and durable LED sources provide all necessary endurance, requiring little to no maintenance.

Clean Room luminaires are easily installed in every type of cleanroom, be it microchip or pharmaceutical industry, laboratories or other high-level hygiene workspaces.

Man working with machines

The importance of good lighting in high-risk locations

In industries such as mining, transport, steel, maritime, etc,  the risk of explosions is increased, making it imperative to find adequate lighting that meets all safety standards. Lighting used in these conditions must be able to withstand extreme heat and pressure.

In addition, sites such as nuclear power plants, quarries, oil refineries, or certain underwater sites require the use of high-quality lighting with the lowest possible failure percentage. In such industrial environments, it is necessary to have a stable energy source so to enable continuous operation.

That is why TANGRAM HB industrial luminaire is the recommended choice for the listed industries. A wide range of light intensity and light distribution make this luminaire suitable for various types of lighting in public areas. The particular ‘open design’ housing concept enables optimised heat dissipation, allowing the luminaire to run smoothly even at extreme ambient temperatures, up to 55°C.

Each Tangram LED module has its own cooler. Separation of the light module and the control unit prevents heat transfer to the control equipment, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the luminaire.

Considering that the main needs of industrial lighting are efficiency, safety and reliability, it is advised not to compromise, but to choose the highest quality luminaires or extensive system solutions.


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