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What is the connection between Pink Floyd and modern lighting?

Any colour you like, song by Pink Floyd, 1973

If you are a music lover, especially a baby boomer, titles like “Any colour you like”, or “Time”, remind you of the timeless music from Pink Floyd’s album ‘’ „Dark side of the moon“. The same goes for this album cover. So symbolic, so meaningful. It has the same effect on us.

Any colour you like, changing in Time…

For those in lighting business, these words are also talking about something that has become a reality today.

How big is the influence of all these (light) colour changes in (day) time on our brain? Very big! It tunes our circadian rhythm, our biological clock, no matter where we are, indoor or outdoor! If you are not lucky to spend hours in the sunlight, you may suffer of from insomnia and some other health disruptions.

How can we improve the quality of our health and wellbeing?

First step is to be aware that of all these colours, and of the fact that  quality of light matters and has big influence on our brain and body.

With all this in mind, we decided to design a special kind of Clean Room luminaire for those who cares about the health workers in hospitals, laboratories, operation rooms, pharmaceutical production, regardless of the time of day. For those long- run fighters (remember COVID 19?), we can now mimic sunlight spectrum in their working place, with SunLikeâ daylight LEDs.

Grafikon celan room-a

What are the benefits?

  • Better quality of sleep with increased deep- sleep time;
  • Less sleepiness, higher alertness;
  • Better mood in the morning and in the evening;
  • Improved visual comfort etc., …

If you are curious about details of these expected conveniences, you can deepen the knowledge by reading the study which was done in the Centre for Chronobiology at Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Basel, https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1477153519828419.


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