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Mercedes-Benz showroom

Salon/Showroom lighting

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Mercedes-Benz showroom


Belgrade, Serbia


Salon/Showroom lighting

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Mercedes-Benz is synonymous for luxury and elegance around the world. The symbol of the three-pointed star is a feature of the brand that is associated with epithets such as brilliance, quality, reliability and satisfaction. The company was created by two visionaries, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, sharing a common passion for engineering and mechanics. Before they created Mercedes-Benz, they both proved their ingenuity with their own creations. Karl Benz made his first motor tricycle in 1886. while Gottlieb Daimler , few years later, made a carriage that did not require horses.

Company logo, the famous silver circle with a three-pointed star, has its own history and represents the power and prevalence of Daimler engines on the land, sea and in the air.


The aggravating circumstance was that the ceiling could not be made at the initially projected height but at 1 meter lower. For this reason, instead of hanging luminaires, we opted for a solution with surface-mounted luminaire and reduced flux, taking care of the other parameters and meeting the required range of light levels.


Lighting in showrooms has two basic functions. The first is to illuminate the space in an adequate way, while the second is to emphasize the products and thus contribute to the visual experience of salon visitors. Attractive lighting is one of the key elements of salon interior design because the attractiveness of the products on display depends on it.

The lighting industry has undergone major transformations in the past decade and LED has became first choice for the business environment lighting.


Our solution proposal had to pass several controls inside and outside the Mercedes-Benz Corporation, from the local designer to Daimler as the final control. After all project approvals, implementation was the next step.

The MAR2020 lighting concept, which Mercedes has established in all its facilities around the world, has also been used in a facility located in Belgrade. Our task was to create an identical concept with our luminaires, which will meet the precisely defined requirements of MAR2020 in all parameters:
– Appearance, colour and dimensions of luminaires
– Arrangement in space according to given distances
– Power and flux ranges
– Angles of propagation of the light beam on individual lamps
– Light levels in different spaces
– Light colour temperatures in selected zones

Advantages of using ASTERISK luminaire

Meeting the specific requirements of the MAR2020 lighting concept, which Mercedes-Benz has established in all its showrooms around the world, has been successfully performed using ASTERISK, Micro MD and Screen luminaire.

ASTERISK is a product of high optical and energy efficiency, built-in downlighters for direct lighting of business premises and reception rooms. Strictly controlled glare and a clean, reduced design make this luminaire an attractive architectural detail. The minimal height of the luminaire allows the use on suspended ceilings with limited installation space.

Empowered by Bartembach’s high-quality optics, this luminaire, with its power and elegance, in addition to functional performances, evokes a three-pointed star, a recognizable company logo.

Realized advantages on the project

With the realization of this project, Mercedes-Benz has illuminated its showroom meeting all the standards required by the MAR2020 concept. In addition to energy efficiency, the advantage of this modern solution is significantly lower maintenance costs, because the lifespan of LED lighting is up to 5 times longer than if conventional lighting sources were used. All visitors to the Mercedes-Benz car showroom are able to enjoy luxury car models that are accented in the most attractive way with the help of a designed lighting solution and our luminaires.

Benefits for the investor

Long service life of installed equipment and maintenance costs that are minimized. Meeting the required company standards set by the MAR2020 concept globally.

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