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BUCK announces strategic relationship with Molex

February 18, 2022 – The year 2022. has just started and we already have a very important announcement to make. Molex, a prestigious and worldwide leader in IoT and Connectivity Technologies for over 80 years, with more than 12.000 employees, has confirmed BUCK lighting as a CoreSync Alliance Member. for the European market. Collaboration with Molex’s CoreSync technology provides us the opportunity to create and link smart buildings with PoE connectivity.

Lighting control is a field BUCK’s development team has been working on for a long time. BUCK’s wide range of luminaires is designed to be the best choice for smart systems that include complete lighting control and HCL technology. Integrating a trusted Molex connectivity system with high-quality BUCK luminaires is an example of technology that is actively improving people’s lives. By incorporating Molex CoreSync into BUCK’s luminaires, a network of the space in which they are installed can be enhanced and a range of operational sensors can be turned into dynamic self-optimizing assets. This solution is proven to be ECO friendly by saving energy and can be customized for a range of applications.

Buck Lighting’s cooperation with Molex means ” Together we are Brighter, Better, Greener and Smarter.”

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