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Mail.ru Office in Moscow

November 12, 2021 – Commitment is what always brings results. Our office in Moscow can say that we are proud of our cooperation with clients who keep coming back to us. One client that kept trusting us is, without a doubt, the Mail.ru group based in Moscow. As part of a new project, in cooperation with the famous architectural bureau UNK, we lit their premises in BC Alkon in the capital.

The offices of this company are located on three floors of the Alkon business centre with a total area of about 11,000 m2. As an additional contribution to the original architectural solutions of the interior, several different types of lamps were used: Luna / S, Slim line TLS / S, Prima M DO / S, Micro MD, Luna Ring / S.

Our LED office lighting provides a pleasant working environment, high employee productivity, as well as numerous other benefits provided by high-quality office luminaires.

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