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Modern optical solutions in lighting and their possibilities

We are witnessing a period of rapid technological change that does not bypass any industry. The demands are becoming more complex and the expectations are growing. With the development of small LED sources, lighting manufacturers are introducing significant innovations, both in technology and in the design of luminaires. The design and production of luminaires of much smaller dimensions, make it possible to meet the requirements of different spaces. In this way, are achieved lighting effects that we have not been able to achieve before, with complete visual comfort and energy savings.

We at BUCK love challenges because we believe that with each new problem solved, technology applied or luminaire produced, makes us even better. We always strive to be side by side with the greatest experts in various fields with whom we work closely. From there, was born the desire to cooperate with the Bartenbach Institute from Austria, an eminent institute that deals with optics and physics of lighting in the most complex and comprehensive way.

BUCK team
Bartenbach Institute, Aldrans, Austrija

In the text that follows, we are entering a magical world of micro-optics in lighting for us!
We believe that this content will be interesting to everyone, and especially useful to architects and lighting designers. Our mission is to support our associates in designing quality, functional spaces, without light pollution.

LFO optics

Lens focal optics is a type of optics in which the lens with its complex surfaces collects light rays from the source and crosses them at one point. The place of intersection is a perforation on the luminaire itself. In this way, focused light emission through perforation is ensured, while the light source remains invisible. The impression is that there is no light source, only the end result is visible. This solution provides a light effect without glare and is visually a very attractive moment in the interior.

Application of LFO optics

In this example, we see that by multiplying the optics in the matrix arrangement, we get an evenly lit space, and the light source is visually unobtrusive and as such does not burden the space.

MD optics

Micro Downlight optics consist of complex surfaces that precisely direct light rays. A clearly defined light beam (cut-off) enables precise illumination of the surface we want, without unwanted light scattering. In the joint cooperation of our research and development team and the Bartenbach Institute, we developed original MD optics with spiral facets. The optics are small in size and define light beams of 35, 55 and 75 degrees

Application of MD optics

Conference rooms are a good example of MD optics application because you can clearly see the localized lighting achieved from line-multiplied optics of this type. The light is directed to the work area of the table, which makes it stand out.

Projekat – Schneider electric, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Primenjena svetiljka – Dual S MD

In addition to the line, we also designed the matrix multiplication of these optics within the luminaires of a larger area. With their correct arrangement, even general or zonal lighting of the workspace is provided. The AIB Bank project, Dublin, Ireland, shows the application of both of these types of lighting with the same type of luminaires. The approach to design, as well as the purpose of the space itself, are completely different. The applied Asterisk luminaire is designed to become an integral element of a modular suspended ceiling.

General space lighting
Zonal lighting of the space

The usage of single optics in lighting design has its advantages. First of all, it enables the achievement of accent lighting by emphasizing the parts we want to illuminate. With different intensities and different widths of light beams, it is possible to respond to different architectural requirements of the function and shape of the space, as well as the effect to be achieved.

1. Project – Office space, Belgrade, Serbia ; 2. Project – Noredus, Belgrade, Serbia (primenjena svetiljka – Micro/S)

WW optics

Wall Washer optics are characterized by complex micro-faceted surfaces. These optics ensure the vertical distribution of light so that the surface of the wall from floor to ceiling is evenly lit.

Application of WW optics

By applying a smaller number of individual optics, attractive accent lighting is achieved, evenly, along with the entire height of the wall.

Long lines of luminaires with WW optics give the full effect of large areas bathed in light.

Depending on the position of the luminaire in the interior, they can illuminate either vertical or horizontal surfaces. An excellent effect can be achieved by using a luminaire with WW optics illuminating the ceilings with fine diffused light. The artwork of historical epochs can appear in full splendour, as in the example in the picture.

Application of all optics and their combinations in different luminaires

By combining luminaires with different micro-optics, the lighting of modern spaces gained a completely new dimension both in design and in the quality of lighting. The visual experience of the space is refined and light comes to the fore, while the luminaire itself does not dominate its shape.

Light control

All luminaires that use modern optics have the ability to be controlled. This feature allows you to bring flexibility and change the atmosphere of the designed space.

Light strokes can be precisely controlled, just as it suits the applied architecture and materials present in the space. We have prepared a tool and we are here to support you in your ideas. Imagine your space and start painting with light.

Your Buck lighting team

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