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How industrial lighting reduces the risk of accidents at work

Every year, a large number of people experience some kind of mishap in their workplace. According to research conducted by the US Department of Labor, these accidents occur mainly due to poor lighting or failing to wear protective equipment.  

Research has shown that improving workplace lighting can significantly reduce the number of accidents, and in industrial facilities, this can mean the difference between life and death for employees working in harsh environments.

The modern, durable and high quality LED industrial lighting that BUCK has been successfully producing for many years, is an ideal solution to help reduce the risk of industrial accidents by providing a well and safely illuminated environment.

LED Lighting and Reduction of Work Accident – Benefits of LED Industrial Lighting

Thanks to advanced LED technology, industrial lighting provides good visibility and visual comfort for employees, which is very important for their steady work. In addition, our industrial lighting system significantly increases the safety and efficiency of the employees at their workplace, since the LED luminaires from our portfolio are designed according to the needs of such an environment.

We have listed several ways in which industrial LED lighting can improve plant safety and therefore reduce the potential risk of work-related accidents.

# 1 Improved colour rendering of LED industrial lighting

Conventional lighting used in the past in industrial facilities used as light sources HPS (high-pressure sodium) and MH (metal halide) lamps. HPS is not recommended for low-quality colour reproduction (more appropriate for street lighting) and toxic materials used in its production. MH are sources providing high-quality lighting, but with a long period of achieving these optimal performances.

For comparison, BUCK industrial LEDs have a CRI of 70 or higher, which provides a more natural light colour closer to daylight. This parameter provides optimal illumination that significantly improves the colour perception of employees.

# 2 Increased worker vigilance

Fatigue and drowsiness add to the risk of accidents and injuries, and this can become even more of a problem if the work is done during the night. Compared to the low CRI of conventional lighting, which can reduce mood and energy levels among workers, a pleasant white light of modern LEDs actually reduces fatigue and makes workers more alert.

One study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from the USA found that LED lighting helped workers detect the risk of falling, slipping or stumbling  94% faster, which alone can reduce a large number of workplace accidents.

# 3 Zero Exposure to Hazardous Substances with LED Lighting

Only one HPS luminaire contains so much mercury that its vapor is enough to endanger the lives of dozens of people in the event of breakage. Therefore an important advantage of LED lighting is that these luminaires do not contain mercury or any other harmful chemicals, which makes them a much safer alternative in industrial applications.

The construction of the LED source is such that the breakage is minimal and its parts do not scatter. The considerable advantage of LED sources is that they have a variety of optical accessories, which, depending on the type of industry and the location of installation, can change the optical characteristics, while maintaining aesthetic consistency of luminaire choice.

Industry hall with machines

# 4 Little to No Need for Luminaire Maintenance

Conventional luminaires, in addition to low lighting levels, increase the risk during the maintenance activities. Due to their short life span, light sources should be changed frequently, which can put workers at risk, and interrupt standard work activities in a given room.

Industrial LED luminaires, on the other hand, last several times longer than conventional lighting. Our luminaires for industrial plants have a life span of 54,000 to as many as 120,000 operating hours. This means a significantly reduced or almost non-existent need to maintain lighting and therefore less potential production interruptions.

# 5 Automatic Start of Industrial LED Lighting

In the event of a power failure, conventional luminaires often take up to 20 minutes to return to full power. During this time, visibility is limited to low light conditions.

In contrast, LEDs are switched on immediately as soon as power is restored, meaning full visibility in a split second. In addition to the benefits in terms of worker safety, it also has the benefit of efficiency, given that workers and equipment are immediately operational.

The Impact of LED Lighting on Worker Health

Eye fatigue is among the first indications of problems caused by poor lighting. Constant strains can cause eye irritation, including redness or dryness. If the conditions are extremely poor, then serious eye health problems can occur, such as reduced visual acuity or double vision.

In addition, due to the light being too low or too bright, employees may suffer from headaches. Employees in pain find it difficult to focus on their work, which in the long run can also result in psychological problems such as dissatisfaction, irritability and tension.

All this can have a very negative impact on employee efficiency, in some cases prevent their further work, as well as a normal way of life. In contrast, LED luminaires with high-intensity lights and an appropriate light colour temperature offer a comfortable environment that facilitates the work and protects employees from the effects of poor lighting.

According to a report from the American National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, LED lighting can significantly reduce the incidence of accidents related to the operation, maintenance and repair of lighting systems. In this regard, LED luminaires are an extremely important factor regarding the safety and long-term health of industrial workers.

Our company has recognized the importance of good lighting, not only for the normal and productive work of employees in industrial facilities but also for maintaining their health in the workplace. This, for a reason, has positioned us on the market as a company that supplies its partners with the highest quality lighting of high energy efficiency and efficacy.

BUCK has implemented and certified OHSAS 18001 workplace safety systems at its premises in December 2013, and revised it to ISO 45001 in November 2019.

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