Healthcare institutions

Lighting for healthcare institutions is more demanding than lighting for other public facilities, since in addition to adequate lighting performance, it must also meet certain hygiene and professional standards. Our medical lighting is a part of lighting for hospital premises, surgeries and other healthcare institutions, in which we have rich experience with our  long-term partners.

Why is appropriate lighting important for healthcare facilities?


Healthcare facilities involve a large number of spaces for different purposes, so it is important to pay attention to the particular requirements and provide adequate lighting. Premises within healthcare institutions can be divided into general and specialized, as can their lighting requirements.


General hospital premises are considered entrance and reception areas, offices, waiting and resting areas, dining room, etc. They have lighting requirements that are similar to hotels or residences.


On the other hand, specialized hospital premises, such as dispensaries, laboratories, therapy rooms, intensive care and operating rooms, have special requirements. These requirements are related to the type of activities held in that room, hygiene and maintenance, since they have to enable uninterrupted work of medical staff and maximal comfort of patients.


BUCK LED healthcare lighting – fully compliant with the highest medical criteria


In healthcare lighting in particular, the lighting quality needs to be at the highest level. High quality of design and equipment  enables long exploitation of space with minimal servicing. Visual comfort for shift workers means less fatigue and better working conditions, while patients get the necessary amount and quality of light, which in some cases can speed up recovery (see Human Centric lighting).


BUCK healthcare lighting is installed in many medical institutions, and some of them are:

  • BEOLAB, biochemical laboratory
  • JEDRO, health center
  • KBC BELGRADE, polyclinic
  • PETROVSKIE VOROTA, polyclinic
  • JAUZI, clinic
  • FIRE EYE, laboratory
  • CLINICAL CENTER OF NIS, polyclinic

If you need lighting for your health institution, send us an inquiry and together we will find the best solution for you.

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