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GENERAL High performance LED reflector of unique and innovative technology of optics effusion. The modularity contained through the diversity of the number of modules and the wide choice of optics gives this reflector versatility of application.

OPTICS Effusion of optical components provides throughput efficiency above 95% (LOR≥ 0.95). The selection and application of over 50 different optics completes all the options of symmetrical (from 10 ° to 150 °), asymmetrical, elliptical and combined. Possibility of choice of optical material: PMMA high transparency and precision or PC (IK08).

HOUSINGMade from a combination of aluminum and stainless steel. Other mechanical parts are made of stainless steel. The finish is a conversion coating for better protection against UV and corrosion.

ADVENTAGES Open concept housing design and massive cooler provide a high degree of application in environments with temperatures up to 55 ° C, the possibility of maximum current discharge of the LED module as well as reduced wind resistance. Greater corrosion resistance and successful application in aggressive environments with increased salinity.

FUNCTIONALITY Adjustable light intensity, VM, CLO, temperature protection, and short circuit protection. Pf≥ 0.95.

Technical data

finish: gray finestructured paint
CE marking
mounting on normally flammable surfaces
electrical safety
ingress protection
lamp type
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Order code Description A/B/H[mm] WEIGHT [kg] FLUX [lm]* IP UGR Total Power [W] CCT [K] CRI Led Service Life
6134-FNXY VECTOR 4 FN/740 150/630/185 7.00 28413 IP66 200.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10/ SDCM 3
6134-M0XY VECTOR 4 M /740 150/630/185 7.00 28413 30° IP66 200.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10/ SDCM 3
6134-RSXY VECTOR 4 RS /740 150/630/185 7.00 28413 13° IP66 <19 200.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10/ SDCM 3
6134-RWXY VECTOR 4 RW /740 150/630/185 7.00 28413 50° IP66 <25 200.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10/ SDCM 3
6134-WWXY VECTOR 4 WW /740 150/630/185 7.00 28413 65° IP66 200.0 4000 >70 100000h L90B10/ SDCM 3
* Luminaire luminous flux and connected electrical load - initial tolerance of ±10 % (at ambient temperature of 25° C).
** Replace XY with the color code when ordering ( e.g. 11 white, 21 grey, 31 black).

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