Ceiling surface mounted luminaires

LED ceiling mounted luminaires with high optical and energy efficiency is an important ally when designing a functional office space, but also a comfortable working environment. The wide range of products offered by BUCK includes a variety of award-winning luminaire models, so you have a great choice.

Ceiling mounted LED lighting from BUCK`s portfolio is an example of exceptional quality lighting. Satisfied and successful clients for you to choose BUCK LED ceiling mounted luminaires.

Why is BUCK ceiling mounted LED luminaire a good solution?


High quality office lighting is imposed as an imperative of every successful company. The latest generation of optical and electrical components, of which BUCK luminaires are made, provide complete visual comfort, and therefore better focus and higher employee productivity.


It is well-known that one of the most important advantages of LED lighting is energy saving, so BUCK ceiling mounted LED luminaires will be an ally in improving and optimizing your company’s business.


Apart from its excellent lighting performance and long service life, convenience is another advantage of our award-winning luminaires. By selecting the appropriate pre-accessory, the client can select the lighting control function.


Ceiling mounted luminaires that meet all the criteria


Ceiling mounted LED luminaires from BUCK`s portfolio will meet the needs of various companies’ businesses, thanks to a large selection of cutting edge products:


You can choose ceiling mounted luminaires for general purpose direct lighting, luminaires that are particularly suitable for use in covered outdoor spaces, and there are ceiling mounted LED luminaires for accent lighting.


If you need specific ceiling mounted lighting that is suitable for museums, galleries or shops, full visual comfort is achieved with our channel system luminaires for direct lighting.


Safe choice for the perfect aesthetic feel


Our product range will also meet high aesthetic criteria. In addition to the classic, reduced forms, you can opt for specific LED ceiling luminaires that feature:


  • invisibility of light sources and minimalist design, respectively
  • circular shape with which the ceiling LED luminaires achieve a special aesthetic effect.


The range of our products enables the ceiling mounted lighting to be tailored to the needs of your office space. In addition to mentioned color temperatures, additional specific requests are possible for most products.


Also, certain ceiling mounted LED luminaires may be equipped with an EM module for anti-panning illumination, or flexible LED strips.


If you want to equip your office space with BUCK ceiling mounted luminaires, send us a direct inquiry. Together we will find the best solution for your company, and we will gladly participate in your development and success.